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Dragon*Con Panel Update:

I have been offered a spot on the aforementioned genocide panel AND- and selenak, try not to explode from excitement- I may also be on a second panel on the role of telepaths in the B5 universe. There is also a possibility, depending on how many volunteers they have, that I will be on the FS:PKW panel as well. I have, at least, put my hat in the ring for a slot, so I suppose we shall see how that goes. ;)


If you get on the B5 telepath panel, are you going to discuss the Teeps of unremitting angst? ;)
In such a panel, the ToUA will have to be touched on, yes. *g*
Hee! Can't wait to hear about that.
Woo hoo! So, have you read the telepath trilogy yet (better written than the Centauri trilogy, imo, and you know where my priorities lie)?

The genocide panel is the most important thing, though. A detailed protocol must be made.
Yes, Mom, I'm doing my homework. ;)

I'm going out today to pick up the telepath trilogy. And my AP's can testify that I've already started writing an outline for the genocide panel. A few nights ago, that was my primary topic of conversation over dinner at Bob Evans. *g*
Excellent! Wish I was going! :-)
Oh, yay! Happy for you!
You will soon control all you survey!