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Signs You Are a True Centauriphile- Revisited

selenak and I played around with this list somewhat back in March, but her most recent post regarding a certain element of Centauri fashion (and my continuing elation over the Dragon*Con panel news mentioned in the previous post) has convinced me to resurrect it.

Signs You Are a True Centauriphile
by selenak and hobsonphile
(re-written slightly to avoid big spoilers)

1. You can't watch The Hour of the Wolf without immediately watching Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? through Into the Fire because you want to see all the intrigue on Centauri Prime right now.

2. There are other characters in the early fourth season besides Londo, G'Kar, Vir and Cartagia?

3. There was a major battle in No Surrender, No Retreat?

4. I think Sheridan was inhabited by some sort of energy creature in Knives, but I'm not sure I remember correctly.

5. War Without End: I dimly recall there was some stuff about some Valen guy as well...

6. Any suggestion to introduce a newbie to B5 with season 2 is countered with growling containing the words "Londo" and "character development".

7. Any suggestion that B5 should have ended with season 4 is countered with even more growling, and hissing, and screams of "Londo! CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! BEST SCENE EVER!".

8. You know the names of Londo's three wives and which is which apocalyptic horseman but have trouble recalling Lennier's clan, Marcus' last name, or the name of Sheridan's sister.

9. You watch Rising Star with a chuckle and a wide smile on your face because of the Londo/G'Kar subtext and are quite amazed people sob over it, until you recall there was a death in the previous episode...

10. You cry over the Regent's last speech.

11. Sic Transit Vir is one of your favorite episodes.

12. And so is Born to the Purple.

13. Of the Hugo Award winners, The Coming of Shadows is your runaway favorite.

14. You have fanwanked a reason why many of the Centauri do not have Londo's accent.

15. Porn with tentacles? No problem!

16. You get defensive when people make fun of Londo's hair.

Can you think of more, fellow Centauriphiles? By all means, please contribute! *g*


17. You want to simultaneously sucker-punch and huggle Londo. In 99% of his scenes.
You find nothing wrong with keeping your enemies heads as souvenirs.

When you watch the Fall of Centauri Prime you take it personally.
*howls* oh goodness I admit I'd fail miserably but if it was about the Narn i'd be good to go =P

Speaking of Centauri...I'm sorry about bothering about this but I'm kinda pulling at straws here...

I don't suppose you've seen either Emperor Turhan or his mun around have you? I don't know the mun's journal name myself but I don't want to pry either as i know some rather remain anon when it comes to that sort ot thing. But I kinda need to speak to them about Mariel's history.

We had worked out some details regarding his son meeting her in one of Adira's threads (the opera party) but i haven't seen them for some time and i want to do a thread about Mariel reflecting the past and wasn't sure where he'd fit into all of that...Anyways long and the short of the story if you happen to see them can you direct them to me if possible? Thanks again! =D
alright a friend gave me one to add.

You watch TRON and wonder how Londo stuffed his hair under that silly glowing helmet.