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Stephen Squee- by radak

Now I REALLY can't wait for Dragon*Con!

My panel suggestion regarding the presentation of genocide on Babylon 5 (inspired by discussions with selenak) has been plopped into the American Sci Fi track schedule. I am fifteen kinds of excited now- but just imagine how excited I will be if they assign me to that panel as a speaker. *g* Witness me plead to the fandom gods...


Re: panel - that's fantastic! I so wish I could be there. And I really hope for some interesting discussions on the Minbari versus Centauri versus What Was Their Name In Season 5 matter.

Re: Angel: you must watch. It's a superb show in its own right, plus it really enhances and deepens the Buffyverse, and in season 4 and 5 of BTVS, there are some crossover episodes where the pay-off from the setup is on Angel, so if you only see the Buffy eps, you're left a bit unsatisfied.
I got into Angel very late (but then I never really got into Buffy, even after I stopped falling asleep several minutes into each episode). But I do like it, despite disliking Boreanaz, and thinking it was a bit short of female principals. I haven't seen all of it - it rather depends on catching reruns at strange hours of the night, and how is it that when you first start watching a show from reruns you seem to see the same episode at least three times before you manage to stumble across any others... Anyway, I do think it's worth it, particularly the later stages, and particularly Wesley. Firefly it ain't (oh, did I mention Adam Baldwin turns up in the last few episodes?) but few things are.
Adam Baldwin isn't the only Firefly star Joss brought over to his other shows. Gina Torres has a crucial role in Angel season 4, and Nathan Fillion is a minor bad in Buffy season 7.

Anyway, I love all three Jossverse shows, though as BTVS was the first I fell in love with (not at first sight - what few episodes of the first season I caught at first left me cold, and it was Lie To Me in the second that changed my mind and turned me into a regular Watcher), it will always be the most special to me. (Though I've written more AtS fic.)

And yes, Wesley has a great arc. I was one of the few people who already liked him in BTVS, season 3, where I felt sorry for him and thought he got all of Buffy's and Giles' issues with the council, and so when Wesley showed up in AtS, I was delighted the character got another chance. Little did I know, though, just how good they'd develop him.
Adam Baldwin isn't the only Firefly star Joss brought over to his other shows.

I know. And Jonathan Woodward is everywhere! But I tend to get a bit more excited about seeing Adam Baldwin.