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Stephen Squee- by radak

Now I REALLY can't wait for Dragon*Con!

My panel suggestion regarding the presentation of genocide on Babylon 5 (inspired by discussions with selenak) has been plopped into the American Sci Fi track schedule. I am fifteen kinds of excited now- but just imagine how excited I will be if they assign me to that panel as a speaker. *g* Witness me plead to the fandom gods...


but I just figured maybe you were no longer interested.

No, I haven't lost interest. I just became extremely busy. :\

"The Lost Slayer" takes place in season 4 of Buffy, so I won't send those to you until you're well into that season. How far are you now?

I am just now getting into the fourth season. My ultimate goal is to get through at least the fifth season by Dragon*Con. As I mentioned before, I'm watching at the speed of Netflix, but I think this goal can be reached (and then some) at my current pace.

Anyway, by the time you finish reading the B5 novels and send them back with the Buffy novels, I should be all clear canon-wise. *g*

Regarding Angel: I'm not sure yet. If enough people recommend it to me, though, I probably will.
Well, what I can say about Angel the series, is that the first season is very detective noir, and starting in the second season, it begins a deeper exploration into Angel's past, the mythology, and his darkness. The relationships really begin to gell in the second season, where new characters are introduced and become main characters, and new magical story arcs run through each season. If you do try out that series, at least remember that the show constantly evolves until the last episode. In my mind, the hokey stand-alone, monster of the week episodes (too many of those in season 1, imo) are worth the story of one of the main characters, because his story is EPIC.

Ooh, I can't wait to hear what you think of Hush. You're going to love Buffy season 4! especially Restless, the last episode. That's my most favorite Buffy ep, when I'm forced to choose a favorite. Please continue to write your thoughts on the series.
I have quite a few RL commitments that are eating up time like it's candy, but I will try to pop in with Buffy thoughts when I can.

And as for Angel, I do see that a number of my most trustworthy friends enjoy it, so I will probably pick it up this fall. *g*