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Ravenclaw Giles- by _extraflamey_

In honor of the upcoming release of The Half-Blood Prince...

... I would like to dip a tentative toe into HP fandom and ask the following discussion question of certain members of my f-list:

Why Slytherin? Why Draco?

As someone who really isn't a fan of Draco or the Slytherin children en masse, I have my own thoughts on the subject, but I would like to hear from you. Let's get a real discussion going if we can.


You don't have to read any of them if you don't want to - reading should be fun. But personally, I liked the fourth and the fifth one, the fifth one most of all because I'm an angst and anger addict. The fourth one, once you get beyond the endless Quidditch match (I strongly suspect there is so much Quidditch in 4 because there is none, for plot reasons, in 5), is excellent. In terms of the ever darkening wizarding world, it goes like this:

1: Harry finds out about the WW, and it looks like the ideal haven after eleven years from the Dursleys, magic and fun etc., safe for that pesky psycho trying to kill him.

2: First signs of not so dandy things in the WW, such as elf slavery and Azkaban, but the only one we see practicing elf slavery is a villain.

3: Azkaban, the full time explanation, which casts a pretty dire light on othe WW justice system. Also the first time Harry wants to kill someone.

4: Turns out everyone, not just villains, is practicing slavery. Turns out in the last stages of the Voldemort war, the Aurors got pretty dark privileges. The glimpses of the trials are chilling. More glimpses of Snape backstory. First instance of death of a character. ESB ending in that the villain scores, not completely as our gang is still alive, but scores a major victory nonetheless.

5: In which Harry finally can't do the nice kid thing anymore and lashes out at everybody and their dog. In which Hogwarts gets turned into a prison, we get sadists supported by the Ministery, the hypocrisy of the seemingly good relationship between wizards and magical creatures is exposed for what it is, and just about everyone screws up big time. More deaths.