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Ravenclaw Giles- by _extraflamey_

In honor of the upcoming release of The Half-Blood Prince...

... I would like to dip a tentative toe into HP fandom and ask the following discussion question of certain members of my f-list:

Why Slytherin? Why Draco?

As someone who really isn't a fan of Draco or the Slytherin children en masse, I have my own thoughts on the subject, but I would like to hear from you. Let's get a real discussion going if we can.


What's funny is that the Weasleys, for being as close to muggles as they are, don't really know what muggles are like. Arthur has the ministry job dealing with them but he gets the most basic things wrong. It's like they're not even trying.

Well, yeah. She plays it as dry comedy, but I find it tragic-- that the member of the secret society responsible in part for collecting information on the outside world to keep said society safe has no idea what he's doing.

Which is why, I suspect, the few HP fics I have enjoyed were the ones where magic is utterly destroyed in the war and what remains of the wizarding world is thrown into the big wide sea of what we call reality.
I can totally see a seventh book being where magic and reality start mixing until the two worlds kind of leak into each other and everyone's kind of left hanging.

It's a bummer remembering that this is a kid's book, and it's sad 'cause there are other kids books that remain awesome into adulthood, deepening with more and more thought, while this series just seems to clam up the more you look at it.

Ah well. We'll always have fanfiction.