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Ravenclaw Giles- by _extraflamey_

In honor of the upcoming release of The Half-Blood Prince...

... I would like to dip a tentative toe into HP fandom and ask the following discussion question of certain members of my f-list:

Why Slytherin? Why Draco?

As someone who really isn't a fan of Draco or the Slytherin children en masse, I have my own thoughts on the subject, but I would like to hear from you. Let's get a real discussion going if we can.


A Ron fan, huh? As I understand it, that's truly contrarian. ;)

A lot (not all!) people see Draco, see that he's a jerk and think he can be redeemed.

And the fact that Draco is a child probably enhances this force. Yes, teenagers are still children in many respects. And who believes children cannot be redeemed?

...and for a second by "Spike factor" I thought you meant he was an effemminate little platinum blonde punk with a bad attitude whom I desperately want to smack around.

My mistake.