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Ravenclaw Giles- by _extraflamey_

In honor of the upcoming release of The Half-Blood Prince...

... I would like to dip a tentative toe into HP fandom and ask the following discussion question of certain members of my f-list:

Why Slytherin? Why Draco?

As someone who really isn't a fan of Draco or the Slytherin children en masse, I have my own thoughts on the subject, but I would like to hear from you. Let's get a real discussion going if we can.


Slytherin has the potential to be interesting, although canon Slytherins (exception: Snape) on the whole tend to, you know, completely not actualize on that potential.

That is my feeling as well. Of course, the series is not yet complete and JKR may be going somewhere surprising with this. But at this point, canon Slytherins, Draco included, really are somewhat... lame. Which is why I wonder whether the Slytherin fans I know have adopted the cause out of a desire to render canon more morally complicated. If so, that's an impulse I understand. I myself have a real problem with the concept that the Slytherin children are universally destined to be bullies, especially in a series that elsewhere rests so much on the importance of personal choice.