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60's Mod Girl- by darchildre

Pattern shopping, yay!

Have been pattern shopping for the first costume in my Dragon*Con 2005 set. Behold:

Dressing Vir Cotto- a pictorial tour

Vir's pants, simple and unadorned, in a dark brown, relatively light-weight wool (in deference to the late-summer Georgia sun) if I can find it.

Vir's shirt, in white cotton or muslin.

Vir's waistcoat, in navy blue satin or silk.

And this is the pattern I'm using for Vir's coat, though obviously, I won't be adding the frills you see in the illustration. The coat will also be in brown wool, with silk accents around the collar and cuffs.

Finally, I'm bucking canon a little and making Londo's cape (though, naturally, in colors that complement the rest of the outfit):

Because even though Vir never wore a cape, the swishy capey-ness of Londo's cape was something I dearly missed after the second season. And really- how cool will it be to swoop around Dragon*Con like a high-haired vampire?


It sounds like work, but I bet it'll be snazzy when you're done. Have you been following eve11's Scarran costume process?
That eve11 is making a Scarran costume leaves me in awe. I would be too skeered myself. Vir's hair is adventure enough. *g*
This year I must remember to bring a camera, or get a digital one, or something.

I'm trying to picture you with (male) Centauri hair. The sheer amount of chemicals to keep a Centauri 'do in Hotlanta...
Well, I've already determined, based on previous experimentation, that I will be using a wig, rather than my own hair, for the purpose. I can put things on wig hair that I would be hesitant to put on my own- things that may just hold up in Hotlanta. *g*

Speaking of Hotlanta, while I will be making and, at some point, wearing all of these pieces, the cape and coat will likely be stripped off before too long. *g*
Oh, how *cool* :)

Please tell me there will be photos!
Naturally, there will be photos of all four costumes in the set (which will include Servie from Pressure Point *points to icon*, Timov and Avatar!Stark in addition to Vir). ;)
Superb :)
I am feeling serious cape love. :-)
Wow!! *envies*
Oh, very cool! I'm so looking forward to the pictures. Incidentally, have you seen kangeiko's newest fic?
I was actually one of her betas and had been wondering when she was going to post the finished product. *g*
But obviously Vir would have got a cape as soon as he was promoted!
capes rock.
OH.. there has to be photos... and I do love capes myself... Have some friends trying to convince me to find time to make an "Adira" dress... **Secretly hopes they don't see this to nag me.***