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mistakeworthmaking- by iamsab

It's "Choose Vir's Adventure" Week at Theatrical Muse!

I brainstorm. You decide. Sound like fun? *g*

Poll #528772 This Week's Prompt on Theatrical Muse

Select your favorite continuation for the following: "The first time I saw..."

"... G'Kar..."
"... Lennier..."
"... Captain Sheridan..."
"... Delenn..."
"... the keeper..."
"... Mariel..."
"... Emperor Cartagia..."
"... Mr. Morden..."
"... a cheeseburger..."
"... Babylon 5..."
"... Daffy Duck..."
"... Yedor..."
"... Emperor Turhan..."
"... Rebo and Zooty..."
I have a completely different idea!

I said I had a different idea, and here it is:


On the other hand, this has now put me in the mood to insert Michael in Vir's ficlet somewhere, so perhaps the musing was not completely pointless. ;)
Awww, Michael would appreciate that, I'm sure.
Because really, that's a combination we don't see often enough- Vir & Garibaldi.
True. I could see it, especially early on in B5.
Oh, I definitely see a young Vir trying to take advantage of Michael's insight into Londo.
Especially since, if I'm not mistaken, Londo was the first one there, so they probably had some time to just shoot the breeze while things were being moved in around them.
Yes, I believe you're right. So Michael would be a very valuable source of information.
Yup. Of course, I'd love to see some early Sinclair/Michael-before-B5-series stuff myself.
Oh, me too- along with some Londo & Delenn, some Michael & drunk!Londo (well, drunker than normal), some Vir & Lennier...
So, where can we put our orders in for various fic? :)
Er, well. I could do the deborah_judge thing and take requests on my birthday (July 20), provided I'm given a year to complete the requests. I am, I'm afraid, rather bad at keeping up with requests. :\
That's why I don't do any requests. I'm so sloooooow.
Me too. I'm still writing challenges from last year, for heaven's sake.
I'm still working on Roger and Dorothy's trip to Minbar.