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Helpless- by shamshit

An immediate Buffy reaction:

The Watcher's Council is full of shit!


Tell me about it.
Generally speaking, I'm not given to cussing about fandom-related issues, but...


I've got serious love for your icon. Giles was such a Ravenclaw

Re: OT

The icon is the work of wannablessedbe- and yes, it kicks. *g* Giles so is a Ravenclaw, and we Ravenclaws need to stick together.
I love reading your reactions as you experience Buffy for the first time. It's so exciting!
Even if they are short, emotional blurts? *g*
It's good enough for a rabid Buffy fan like me.
No prices for guessing which episode you've just seen.*g*
Love is the best reason to fight!
One of the many many many reasons I prefer Angel.
Hmm. Actually, I do see the logic here- the Council is supposed to represent our not-always-reliable adults. And I like that- it fits in with the larger theme of growing up. My reaction above really stands as an indication that I get that theme and feel it from Buffy's perspective. Afterall, I am young. *g*
*grins* I hate to think what that makes me... (I'm only 25, dangit!)
It, uh, actually makes you younger than me. I will be 26 years young in a few weeks. ;) But I'm a teacher, and I think that makes me naturally inclined to sympathize with children and teens.
Only as old as you feel? :D
Oh, you're new to Buffy!
Yeah, the Watcher's Council pretty much suck donkey dick. Kind of like the Centaurum in that regard. :)
Now, now. *g* In canon, the Centaurum did have some first class intellects with moral centers- like Urza Jaddo, for one. Unfortunately, those folks fell pray to factions with more ambition and firepower. Alas.
Yes, poor Urza... *sigh* Always such a good friend to Londo...always such a wonderful source of tentacle pr0n... :-)