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Lost in Thought- by shannon730

That Ampersand Meme (in which I admit publicly that I've been watching Buffy)

My multifandom list of One True Friendships, with images:

What more can I say that I have not said already? Or written in various fanfiction venues? I remain a devoted member of B5 fandom in large part because of this friendship. It's tragic. It's poignant. It's layered and complex. It's a small, troubled family, and it still makes me cry after all this time.

This OTF is based on fanfiction potential. Because there is so much messed-up-ness to explore. How complex must Stark's feelings be for John? How complex must John's feelings be in return? Stark lost his love in part so that John could have his. What sort of guilt must John feel? What sort of resentment must Stark feel? What kind of insight might we find in avatar!Stark and his virtual reality? And what of John's abuse of Stark's abilities in the miniseries? Potential.

A little while ago, while I was in the middle of watching the second season of BtVS, I admitted to selenak in a private email that I was starting to fall for Giles and for the father/daughter dynamic of the Giles & Buffy relationship. Now, having just finished the second disk of the third season, that love is only growing stronger. And yes, I am aware that the above screencap does not include Buffy, but it does capture a subtle moment that exemplifies what I love about this relationship I am gradually (at the speed of Netflix) getting to know- there is so much emotion in it just below the surface. When Buffy returns to Sunnydale in Dead Man's Party, Giles is so overwhelmed he has to retreat to his teapot to maintain the facade of British reserve. Love!

Thus, I have now revealed that I am watching Buffy. Please don't kill me with your enthusiastic fanpile. *g*

Yet another embattled and devoted family- and this time biological as well as emotional- this is the relationship that truly pulled me into Firefly. And the moment captured above was the moment I realized once and for all that Simon and River were my favorite characters. Watching Safe a second time with my brother, I still felt a chill when Simon climbed up next to his sister and told the assembled to "light it." That sort of passion is dangerous. And for some reason, I love danger.

And yes, I know the meme asks for five, but I could not think of a fifth that truly grabs me at this particular moment. And yes, one of these is more familial, but it still counts in my opinion, especially since, as I mentioned above, two of the other three have a family-like dynamic. What can I say? I'm in love with families.

(meme gakked from spoonishly)


Love 'em all, of course. And I'm delighted you're continuing with the Buffy.
On an only vaguely on-topic note, you might've also been delighted to hear me try to explain Londo & Vir, individually and together, to my mundane parents. ("So then Londo is seduced by Satan...") *g*
He. Did you show them a picture of Satan?

Also, I didn't even try with mine, but if I did, I'd probably say "Londo is Faust, only more in love with his planet than with his pretty young girl, and Vir is Sam". Except my parents haven't read LotR, but Dad at least saw the movies. They'd get the Faust thing, though - we're Germans, after all.*g*
Yay! Giles is the only character who I consistently love; I have other favorites but it's always with a caveat. And I'm glad to hear from you and know you're not entirely buried in a deluge of tiny toddlers.
Yay! It's you! You're back! :)

I was only wondering this morning whether you'd found a new fandom... Buffy is pretty cool, it just never grabbed me. I don't think I'm really a Whedonite. Nice pictures, though.