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Just to give you an idea how much fandom has corrupted me:

This is the first week of the NVTA One Act Play Festival, an annual community theater event here in Northern Virginia. Every year, a number of local playwrights enter productions of their original scripts into the competition alongside the usual productions of pre-published works. Generally speaking, the original productions tend to be less polished in terms of plotting and characterization, though I can remember some truly excellent exceptions. (And I've also seen some execrable pre-published works, so lousiness is certainly not the exclusive purview of the amateur.)

At any rate, last night, I was watching a play written by an acquaintance of mine, a relatively lackluster, unoriginal slice of life featuring two middle-aged women reminiscing about the exploits of their youth and griping about their present day lives (Why not a play about women who are perfectly content to be adults, I ask you? Trust me, youth is not all it's cracked up to be. Though I suppose one would have to think a bit to come up with the primary conflict in such a work. Hmm.), and all I could think throughout the hour long production was: "This would be better if they kissed."

My AP's were amused. *g*
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