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Just to give you an idea how much fandom has corrupted me:

This is the first week of the NVTA One Act Play Festival, an annual community theater event here in Northern Virginia. Every year, a number of local playwrights enter productions of their original scripts into the competition alongside the usual productions of pre-published works. Generally speaking, the original productions tend to be less polished in terms of plotting and characterization, though I can remember some truly excellent exceptions. (And I've also seen some execrable pre-published works, so lousiness is certainly not the exclusive purview of the amateur.)

At any rate, last night, I was watching a play written by an acquaintance of mine, a relatively lackluster, unoriginal slice of life featuring two middle-aged women reminiscing about the exploits of their youth and griping about their present day lives (Why not a play about women who are perfectly content to be adults, I ask you? Trust me, youth is not all it's cracked up to be. Though I suppose one would have to think a bit to come up with the primary conflict in such a work. Hmm.), and all I could think throughout the hour long production was: "This would be better if they kissed."

My AP's were amused. *g*


Perfectly content people of any age do not make drama.*g*

LOL about the corruption of fandom. I noticed that when reading the latest biographies of the two worthy writers of this icon, which made me think that they were such a slashy pairing.*g*
Perfectly content people of any age do not make drama.*g*

What about two perfectly content middle-aged women who... have to solve a murder mystery or something? *g* What about a show in which the conflict comes in from the outside?

But yes, I know what you mean- inner turmoil is generally the most interesting sort of dramatic conflict. Perhaps if the aforementioned middle-aged women were discontent about something deeper than "woe, my husband doesn't think I'm attractive," "woe, for my libido is flagging," etcetera, I would've been more engaged. The characters were essentially cookie cut-outs of the stereotypical desperate housewife versus the stereotypical single-but-lonely career woman. Blergh. There are plenty of interesting career women out there upon which you could model the second character. And honestly, if you were lost as to how to write an interesting housewife, you could've spoken to my mom. Or to me, as I plan to pause in my teaching career to be a housewife when I have children- and I don't think I'm dull or stereotypical. Am I? Afterall, I like gay alien porn. That has to count for something. *eg*

Okay, and now I'll stop blabbering about something only I've seen. ;)
I wonder what Timov and N'Toth might have to say to each other if they met while waiting for a shuttle.
OMG! Don't start, Kerne. I don't need any more plot bunnies.

Even though that would be a good example of what I mean...

*gets gun to shoot the darn fluffy thing dead*
Me, start something? Never.
My mistake. ;)