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Fandom Alter-Egos (from wychwood)

a. List 5 fandoms.
b. Have your friends list choose a character from each fandom that he/she thinks most resembles you and justify why.
c. Post in your own LJ.


Babylon 5
Deep Space Nine
Blake's 7


Babylon 5 - Definitely Vir :) You're cheerful, and patient, and nice, and you get all bouncy when you're excited about something...
Farscape - Maybe Zhaan. Again, patient and kind, in touch with your spiritual side, maybe? And the whole coping with difficult medical conditions without complaining thing.
Firefly - Don't know enough to tell.
Deep Space Nine - I can't decide. Maybe Jadzia, but I'd be hard put-to-it to tell you why.
Blake's 7 - Hmm. Based on season 1 - maybe Cally? You're often quite quiet, lurking away, but when you do talk, it's worth listening to :) Plus, good to have around in difficult times. I think she'd have the kind of patience to do your job, too.