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In Blood- by vilakins

I, Claudius is the most inspiring thing I've watched in some time.

This afternoon, after watching the third DVD in the set, I was jolted awake from a nap by the following thought:

What did happen to all those who worked for Cartagia?


Like an elderly John Adams sitting down to write a letter to Thomas Jefferson, I have so many things to write and comment upon and absolutely no idea where to start. So, to help wrest me from my backlog-induced writer's paralysis, I bring you a poll:

What should I write about first?

the Centauri and how much I love them
Revenge of the Sith
Silly! I want to hear about a different topic entirely- one which I have specified below.

Which past-due assignment should I write first?

Five Things That Never Happened to G'Kar
Nothing Like Midas, my Starkathon idea set during PKW
the Londo/Chiana, G'Kar/Chiana subtext-fest
my non-consensual Cartagia/Londo idea for the Londothon
my pre-Premiere Rygel-on-Moya story for the Rygelthon

Which extra-curricular plotbunny should I pursue first?

Vir sees Morden just before his beheading.
the Londo amnesia idea for the Soap Opera Cliche Challenge.
Urza and a brooding Londo in a public bath.
the matter of what exactly did happen to Cartagia's servants.
Remember when you were thinking about doing Londo/G'Kar from Shiv'kala's point of view? I want to see that.
Vir and Lennier in an amusement park.
I have a better idea you haven't even listed! See below.


Curse you for making me choose between Londo with amnesia and Londo in the baths with Urza! Not that I don't like the other ideas ... at least the ficathon question was easy, since one of them was Multiverse *g*.

(Oh, and btw I'm working on a Vir story right now. Not that Vir story, as it happens, but hey, Vir is Vir.)
...bath! bath! bathetybath!

As for the Cartagia crowd, I expect the Centauri are actually a little more civilized than the Romans: sure, a bunch of the more prominent ones probably got killed or had the presence of mind to off themselves first, and their families ended up as slaves somewhere, but I imagine it was done very tidily. Not so much dragging corpses through the streets. Probably not the truly horrifying stuff that happened to Sejanus's little children; at least not officially sponsored.
Well, we know that the minister of intelligence stayed around, as he gives Londo the news about Adira later. Which rather goes against the claim that they've gotten rid of anyone who worked for Cartagia in the palace, but hey, maybe he meant directly, and the minister worked for the government not Cartagia the person, so...

And of course I adore I, Claudius. Look what I've found:

Eeee! Now I have a reason for buying a permanent account beyond caving in the face of peer pressure! *snurches icons left and right*