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Updates and wishes

Two new stories I've beta-ed have been uploaded to Enemies & Allies. This brings the total number of stories in the fanfiction archives up to ten. Ten stories starring my favorite B5 aliens! And several of these star Vir! Life is good for this Centauri-phile. *g*

I think we have the makings of a fandom revolution here. Between selenak's marvelous contributions, bimo's recent open admission of Vir-love, and the upswell of enthusiasm for Londo/G'Kar centering on andrastewhite's journal, the Centauri and Narn stars are rising.

But as I was updating Enemies & Allies, I couldn't help but notice that there are still a few gaps in this corner of fandom. I am speaking of fan art in particular. I would fill this gap myself, but my current machine is not powerful enough to handle memory-heavy graphics work. So, until I get my new computer (I'm thinking of dropping my PC like a bad boyfriend and getting a Mac), I'm putting out a general request for all potential artists out there:

I want Narn and Centauri centered art. Any medium is acceptable.

In this vein, I have a few general wallpaper wishes:

1. "Londo's Fall from Grace," with pertinent pictures from "Chrysalis," "The Geometry of Shadows," "The Coming of Shadows," and "The Long, Twilight Struggle." Including the picture of Londo at the window of the lead warship in "The Long, Twilight Struggle" is an absolute must here.

2. "G'Kar's Path to Enlightenment," with pertinent pictures from "Dust to Dust," the early fourth season arc (I would definitely include a picture of G'Kar in the yoke on Narn before he broke the chains), "The Ragged Edge," "Meditations on the Abyss," and "Wheel of Fire."

3. "Vir's Coming of Age." I have a suitably goofy little picture of him from the first season. I would also definitely include Vir facing down the monster in "Geometry of Shadows," Vir assasinating Cartagia in "The Long Night," and Emperor Cotto at the dinner table in "Sleeping in Light."

4. "An Unconditional Love"- i.e, the Londo & Vir wallpaper, with pics showing the ups and downs of their relationship.

5. "Enemies and Allies"- i.e., the Londo and G'Kar wallpaper.

I do plan on creating my own wallpapers within the above themes eventually, but I would love to see other people's interpretations. *g*
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