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pervy londo icon- by electrcspacegrl

So. I've been watching I, Claudius via Netflix...

... and now I am tormented by mental images of a young Londo and Urza, naked, in a bath together, scrubbing each other's backs. Help!


Mmmmmmmmmmm, Centauri tentacle homoeroticism. *drool* XD

(incidently, it never registered in my mind before you mentioned it - but Cartagia was total flaming gayness, yes :p)
Of course he was. *g* Or, rather, he was functionally bisexual. Really, I think Cartagia enjoyed the power to toy with just about any courtier he pleased, male or female. Still, his true love was always Londo. Cartagia/Londo = sick!OTP 4evah!
And by "help" you mean "encourage", right?
No, damn it, that's not what I meant! I mean, just because I can already picture it in my mind- Londo and Urza after a rough duel with steam and scented oils, yum- doesn't mean I have the time to write it, especially with all these other assignments I have to finish.

Argh! Stop being unaccountably sexy in my head, you decadent Centauri courtiers!

At this point, I feel that i need to introduce you to a phrase that has become something of a saying among my circle of friends:

Do not come to the Belgians for discouragement, for they will say both "Do it!" and "Ooooh, shiny!"

Must cleanse my mind... here, this .357 ought to do the trick.