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zuh- by iamsab

Crack bunny up for adoption!

The new question on theatrical_muse this week is:

If you could meet any famous personality, living or dead, and smack them in the head with a large trout, who would it be?

Discussion of potential responses to this prompt generated the following snippet of conversation between me and grey_bard:

hobsonphile: I know what Londo's going to say... probably.
grey_bard: Who?
hobsonphile: "A certain individual of the most annoying species in the universe"
grey_bard: G'kar?
hobsonphile: Yes. Because when Londo doesn't want to screw his brains out, that IS, pretty much, what he wants to do to G'Kar.
grey_bard: Indeed
grey_bard: I can imagine a mutual fish-fight
hobsonphile: O.M.G.
hobsonphile: Suddenly I want this written RIGHT NOW.


Hee. Stark's staring at that question with a weirdly blank look and fighting this strange urge, which comes from he knows not where, to start muttering "Bass or trout, bass or trout?"
Strange mental image of a Centauri/Narn rendition of the fish-slapping dance ...
Now, see, this could have been the key to a lasting Narn/Centauri peace. Once every four years, after going through rigorous trials and training, the very best and brightest of the Narn and Centauri youth would get together and wail on each other with trout.