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Give Vir hugs!

Between writing a letter to Adira in firstseason!Vir's voice that is filled with so much sweetness and longing and baby wisdom that I just want to squeeze it and squish it and call it George and watching a fourthseason!Vir stand up to one of his worst nightmares, I got a wild hair and added a hug counter to Vir's profile page. And I expect him to be hugged regularly! (mosellegreen and spoonishly: Since Vir's info page spoils, you can click here to deliver hugs, I think. ;))

Meanwhile, I have started tentative work on the G'Kar/Chiana story I was not able to complete before the deadline for multiverse5000. In fact, I have the outlines of a plot already in mind:

1. A pre-Moya!Chiana stumbles into B5 space via a handy Temporal Distortion of Plot ConvenienceTM, her ship flying apart from the stress in the process. The first season crew of B5 picks her up. No one on B5 can understand Chiana's language, but Chiana can understand everyone on board. Naturally, Chiana works out that she can use that to her advantage to get the frell off this bucket and go on her merry way.

2. Like a moth to a flame, Chiana ends up in the Dark Star, one of B5's dens of iniquity- and also the one place on the station where Londo and G'Kar maintain something of a grudging truce. There, she uses her talents in animal magnetism to snare the interest of both ambassadors. "I don't understand a word of her language, Mollari, but she is quite enticing." Commence huge, subtexty competition over who will get into this Exotic Alien Woman's pants. They both win, but...

3. Chiana robs them both and disappears into the sunset, leaving Londo and G'Kar alone to bicker over who gave the strange woman a better time. Subtext, subtext, etc.

How about that? mosellegreen and grey_bard seemed to like it when I shared the idea with them over AIM, but...


*squeeeeeee!* Dude, that's perfect! You must write this ... Yay, subtext! *g*
Well, considering that, if I recall correctly, it was you who made the G'Kar/Chiana request, I'll take that as a blessing to proceed. ;)
It was, yes ... and that sounds wonderful! *bouncing excitedly*
Makes sense to me...
Good. I was hoping it would make sense to both groups of fans.
I am both sets of fans!
Hee! I know. ;) That's true of many on my friends list, in fact.
All I have to say is: writeitwriteitwriteit!

And it's only right that Londo should be in the story, too. I mean, is anyone likely to object?
No, no, I imagine not. *g*


*stares at icon*

*loses it*

Re: OT

Hee! I just wish I could remember who made it for me so I can credit them properly. *g*
That's perfect. Write it at once!
Yes, ma'am. ;)
Yay! It sounds fab!

*goes off to hug Vir some more*
I agree you simply must write it....

Had to steal the icon.. It goes too perfectly with the one I already have...

**Running off to Hug Vir.**

and get back to your nightmares.. People are pestering that poor man it is hard to keep up..LOL