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Given the disaster that was last year, I'm hesitant to enter Multiverse 2005.

On the one hand, I would love to help andrastewhite reach critical mass- not to mention take the chance to make some more requests for Vir. But on the other, I suck at ficathons. I really, really do. I have five ficathon assignments in my WIP folder that have never been finished (for the curious, they are the Londothon assignment, the Rygelthon assignment, the Starkathon assignment, the Five Things That Never Happened to G'Kar assignment, and the G'Kar/Chiana assignment from last year's Multiverse) and only one success (Vigil, the minimal Vir/Lennier piece written for the B5 ficathon run by leyenn). If I sign up for Multiverse 2005, I will feel like a moral wretch unless I finish not only the 2005 assignment, but my five outstanding assignments as well.

Then again, could that pressure be a good thing?


And would it be too demanding to ask that I be given an assignment including at least one gen request?

ETA: I'm probably going to regret it, but... I did sign up. *is scared*
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