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Thick and Thin- by saava

Two new communities to pimp!

First, Ampersand Love, a community for celebrating fandom friendships. Naturally, I signed up immediately. Ampersand, yay! *g* (hat tip to selenak)

Second, inspired by selenak and an AIM discussion with grey_bard and mosellegreen, I have created a community for my fellow Victorian Maidens of Fanfic for the discussion and posting of slash and het that includes everything but the explicit sex itself. It's not an anti-sex community, mind. It's simply a place for shy writers to gather and talk fic- and delicately sip our tea. *g*



I have *so* been looking at all the pictures of House and thinking, gosh, he looks just like Hugh Laurie. But until, like, two seconds ago I didn't know it was! Wow!

(oh yeah, cool communities :) I may join PG-13love)
Yaayy! *joins both*
Ooooh, nifty idea! *joins*
What happened to your OFT community which was supposed to celebrate friendship? Shall I post my Avon&Vila essay in the new one?
Oh, otf_manifesto is still there. I think it just fell victim to Real Life, as only one requested essay has been posted (yours). otf_manifesto is a strictly meta community, whereas, if I understand it correctly, ampersand_love encompasses everything related to ampersand- meta, fic recs, fic, etc.
That's such a pity. Maybe we can promote your one more. I'd love to see some more essays.

The new communities look great and I love the ideas behind them but I'm not sure I can get involved in more than I'm doing right now. :-(

And just to clarify:

Someone else created ampersand_love. I'm just pimping it for them. *g*