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So. Cute.

baaaaabyanimals is the Best. Community. Ever.

*squees at the cuteness*


Oh, Good Lord, this is cuter than a zillion baby poodles dressed in Hello Kitty pink poodle-sweaters. Squeeeeeeee!!!!!
Oh, God, yes. Have you seen the Box o' Sloths?

I've been squeeing over the tiny baaaaaby kitties. *g*
It was a while ago, and there were more pix, but I'm...okay, I'm too lazy to hunt it down. But I preserved this one!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
They're at a sloth rescue/rehabilitation place in Costa Rica. Little babies that are too young to get around on their own live in boxes with teddy bears...
Aw! You just want to give them a big squeeze. *squeeze*
I go there whenever I'm really stressed and need a pick-me-up. Because how can you be in a bad mood when you're looking at baby animals? :)