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Cartagia's Bum- by ruuger

Amusing, Shiny Things That Make Me Happy

Am home sick today, but am comforted and overjoyed by the brilliance of my friends list.

Those of you on kakodaimon's friends list should mosey on over to her most recent entry, in which she drew squishable fan art just for me, and oh, I am grateful, yea verily, for it features Lennier and Vir in an amusement park and the most perfectly in-character Very Secret Diary entries ever.

Additionally, janewt, inspired by the underwear discussion below, is currently writing Centauri panty raid fic at my request. Dance, my puppets! Dance! *eg*


Re: Fic 2 (might need to be in two posts)

*ded infinity*

Oh, this is a gorgeously funny and worthy tribute to this friendship. You should post both panty raid stories in a more visible place. Seriously. They are certainly going up on my site once it's been overhauled. ;)

Re: Fic 2 (might need to be in two posts)


Thank you--and thank you for the suggestion. Apparently my muse is Regency Underwear....I don't really have anywhere to put them, but I'd be flattered if you had them on your site.