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You know your roleplay is going in an interesting direction when you find yourself researching the net for pictures of Regency-era men's drawers.


This made me giggle with girlish glee...
Well, it's a legitimate question: What do the Centauri wear under their clothes? ;)
They are hedonists, so probably the easiest-access kind they can.
Well, yes, naturally the undershirt is laced or buttoned up the front for, uh, easy access to certain equipment. The bottoms, though... that's another question entirely (especially since that's where I postulate their excretory plumbing is). ;)
Something decadent. Mmmmmm, decadent!Londo...

No, that's a bad place for my brain to go!
I realized some time back that my own character doesn't necessarily always bother to wear underwear, which disturbs me slightly... :)
Hee! You have to admit, though, that it makes sense for Stark. ;)
It does. :) He says you tend not to feel like you need things when you've had to do without them for long periods of time...
*giggles* Whereas I know exactly what Karen's underclothes look like. Thank you, Clamp, and your collective love of pretty girl curves. Also, your amazing ability to get a young woman running around on the street in her underwear and have the art feel like she really is just being herself.

Okay, now I just spent the last 20 minutes or so trying to find out about Regency men's underwear. I finally found something:

Undershirts are a relatively new invention, but before the advent of men’s drawers, they had nothing but their long shirts to tuck into their pants. Later, drawers- similar to shorts with a drawstring and buttoned flaps were invented, much to everyone’s relief. At the time of the Regency, men would normally be wearing cotton drawers, a linen or Muslin shirt, perhaps a corset (yes, not even the men escaped!) depending on the man, stockings and then pants (or knickers), cravat, vest and coat.

But of course that doesn't help. I suppose we'll have to construct an Imaginary-Dimension Travel Device and stage a panty raid on the Centauri embassy.
Ah, yes, I came across that site as well. *g*

I ultimately dispensed with the detailed explanation entirely and just called them "silk drawers." Silk because these are the Centauri we're talking about- as we decided above, the Centauri would want something decadent close to their skin. *eg*

I suppose we'll have to construct an Imaginary-Dimension Travel Device and stage a panty raid on the Centauri embassy.

Oh. My. God. I want to see this done in fic form, with a teenaged Londo and Urza Jaddo, right now. Panty raid! Whee!
Oh, man. I could conceivably produce such a fiction--either of the I-D T D variety or of the more, uh, straght-forward teenage guy variety. Or both.
I guess I know what I'm doing with my free time today.

Fic # 1

"I still say, screw station security. Pick a time when the ambassador is off the station, go in, grab the stuff, leave before the guards get here. Then do a retcon jump so we were never there."

"Tried that with the Narn. O'Reilly came back with some skimpy little red thing, we had to retcon the retcon, there was temporal overlap, it ate up the budget....What
I say is, screw historical accuracy and let the actor wear whatever the hell he wants under the costume. It's not like we're going to see it. But Shef has a Minbari fighting staff up his--"

When they played that part of the recording at the meeting, I knew I was in for it. I could just picture the snide bastard leaning forward to say "Miss Lee, are you certain Historical Reenactment is the best department for you?" Meanwhile the screen showed my life getting progressively worse. Well, technically, the screen was showing a hideous green expanse; Gleason had draped a robe over her shoulder, leaving her hands free and the mission-cam covered. But in a second--yes, there it was. The cloth was snatched off in a sickening blur, revealing an extreme close up of a shocked and gawking Centauri face. It occured to me that this would be a good place for an ad break, if I were making a different sort of vid.

No such luck. At the head of the table, Sheffield pursed his lips. On-screen, I gaped and said "Oh my God, you're Emp--fff," as Gleason elbowed me in the gut and draped herself at a youthful, bewildered Vir Cotto. Who has been my hero since third grade, when we studied Centauri history. Who would not be emperor for many years. Who would have been calling security if Gleason hadn't been hanging about his neck and pressing herself against his chest. I don't know why she's working stage crew. She should be an actress. Her look of vapid seduction was perfect.

"Oooh, you're not the ambassador! Will you--[giggle]--will you be joining us too?"

"Joining...oh. Oh! I--I...I think you're in the wrong rooms. You want Ambassador Mollari's...um...down the hall and turn at the intersection and it's the first door on your right. And, uh, can I--can I have those back?"

I silently handed over what I was holding--for the record: light blue with shorgo-style square-and-wave print, fairly short, single button in the front--and remained silent for the rest of the recording. Watching it, I felt an unusual warmth for Gleason, who managed to point the camera at the garment for a full seven seconds. The folks in the costume department should have enough to work with. The lab techs scanned my hands for any trace material; in a few hours they should be able to synthesize the exact type of silk. This wouldn't be a complete disaster.

Then Julian Sheffield leaned forward with a bland expression. "Gleason, good work. We'll find out why you were sent to the wrong location. We still need patterns for the ambassador's costume, but it looks like you'll be able to get those without a problem.

Now, Ms. Lee. If we didn't have a deadline, I'd be asking you if you were certain Historical Reenactment is the right department for you. 'Screw historical accuracy?' And were you really about to casually mention to the subject his future as emperor? If it weren't for Gleason's quick thinking, you'd be in a lot of trouble right now. As it is, I'm afraid I'm just going to have to ask you to work on a less crucial part of the project. Martinez tells me she needs help on War Without End.

I think we'll be sending you to Babylon 4."

Re: Fic # 1


Love! I can't wait to see what you do with scenario two! Poor, bewildered Vir... *gigglesnort*