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Lessons Learned at ConneXions

There were moments last weekend at ConneXions when I felt distinctly lonely, as B5 fandom was not aggressively represented. However, meeting mosellegreen, grey_bard, and rogersmith_bigo's mun (who quite seriously informed me that T_M-verse B5 very nearly got eaten by a giant robot) definitely made the weekend worth it, as did reading aloud selenak's Confessions of a Biographer to squeals of appreciative laughter in the pimping room, discussing why Londo/G'Kar is often at its best when the boys can't have sex in the Tragic Pairings panel, and affirming that, yes, Old People Have Sex TooTM in the Geezer Fic panel.

Overall, this con was a learning experience at the very least. Some of the lessons I took away include:

Get a room, no matter how close you think you live. Because at two in the morning, after a long day of fangirly squealing, you're not going to want to drive ten minutes, let alone an hour and a half. Spending two hours sleeping in my car in a truck stop in Maryland taught me that.

Don't try to pimp your fandom or hold a do-it-yourself panel on the last day. A total of three or four people came to both events I held for B5, even though I ran into B5 fans everywhere throughout the convention, and only one of them ran in terror when I mentioned Londo/G'Kar. (Several actually squealed in delight. *g*)

If you have a room party and shamelessly advertise with flyers- and even performance art- they will come. This lesson is duly noted for use at Dragon*Con, where I've decided to hold a big, Centauri-style celebration in my room. *g* Now, to start writing a script and making costumes for the advertising spots...
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