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Meep- by vilakins

Favorite Characters Meme, Redux

The answers are now up. Virtual cookies to all the winners!


I think the bottom line with Londo and Vir is that no matter what things (mainly political) may come between them, they are still there for one another. For one thing, don't you just want to punch all the members of Vir's family sometimes? But Londo helps Vir, even if it's only a kind word & a pat on the shoulder.

Neville Longbottom is a darling! As of the last book, I'm proud of his progress. He'll suprise everyone, in the end. ^__^

'House' I only started watching because of Hugh Laurie -- I'm really not into "ER" type shows normally, except the titular character in this case, as you say, is just too snarky & amusing to resist even if the stories are not exactly earth-shattering.
Have I mentioned I love your icon!
Credit goes to vilakins for that. *g*