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Meep- by vilakins

Favorite Characters Meme, gakked from everywhere.

A few of these will be incredibly easy, I'm guessing. *g*

1. Post a list of 10 TV shows/books you watch/read.
2. Have your friends list guess your favourite character from each show.
3. When guessed, bold the line and write a sentence about why you like that character.
4. Post in your own LJ - if you like.

1. Babylon 5 (guessed by electrcspacegrl)

E is right on both counts- I love my squishable Centauri, apart and together. *squishes Londo and Vir* The reasons for this can fill so much more than a single sentence. I love Vir because he is funny, fundamentally good, uncommonly brave, and because his coming of age is so difficult and layered. And because he is so cute. See? I love Londo because he is noble, yet a coward; funny, yet deeply tragic; angry and ruthless, yet kind. And I love them together for their quiet, complex philia.

2. Farscape (guessed by vilakins)

You've got yourself a founding member of the Stark Defense League here. I think I may have embraced Stark because I somehow sensed he is not popular in greater fandom and I have a thing for underdogs. But more than that, I think Stark is a potentially rich well for fic because there is just so much going on in his head- and because we know so little about him.

3. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (guessed by selenak)

I started watching DS9 when I was a depressed teenager in desperate need of a strong female role model, and Major Kira filled that role for me because she was religious, like I was and am, because she was hot-tempered, like I could and can be, and because, quite frankly, she kicked a lot of ass. *g* Hence, she will always have a special place in my heart, though I have since grown to appreciate the ensemble (including many of the recurring characters) as a whole.

4. Firefly (guessed by electrcspacegrl)

After awhile, you may start to notice a pattern here- namely, that I love families, particularly ones challenged by tragedy. Londo and Vir are a family in fact, if not in name. Simon and River, meanwhile, are my babies on Firefly because they are broken by insanity, in constant danger, yet still curiously strong.

5. Blake's 7 (guessed by vilakins)

Vila is adorable and gets all the best lines. How could I not love him best? Additionally, though I have not gotten that far just yet, there are suggestions of a loss of innocence ahead, and I immediately fall for that story rubric.

6. Harry Potter (guessed by ruuger)

I sincerely hope JKR has big things planned for Neville because I adore him. Here's another character- like Vir- who not many people think is going to amount to very much at first, yet who ends up surprising us all with his quiet bravery and love. And the tragic background is an added bonus.

7. House (guessed by _conundrum_)

House, MD suffers from the weakness of having only one truly distinct, developed, well-written character in the cast, but House is one seriously funny cranky bastard who successfully draws me into a show that, on second thought, is actually a bit crap by my usual standards.

8. Boston Public (guessed by ruuger)

I love Scott Guber because he is super intelligent, super insecure, and so very... quaint. *g* He still "courts" women (ending each date with an "innocent, end-of-the-evening buss"), has excellent taste in music, and doesn't let brats and bullies get away with murder. He is also played by Anthony Heald, a terrific actor who, by his very presence, forced me to watch BP long past the point it jumped the shark.

9. Early Edition (guessed by wychwood)

See, my screen name is the clue. *g* Gary Hobson is absolutely darling. I think what I like best about him- besides his kind heart, obviously- is the fact that he doesn't look pretty when he gets up in the morning. He sleeps like a real person, twisted up in the sheets, and he wakes up with his hair all over his head and boogers in his eyes. Love!

10. Chicago Hope (guessed by tresjolie9)

Aaron Shutt is one of two acceptable answers. *g* I've always had a lot of respect for Adam Arkin as a working actor, whereas I thought Mandy Patinkin was something of a scene hog. And as for Aaron himself, well, like Guber, he pings my "repressed middle-ager" kink- at least until the later seasons.

The other acceptable answer, meanwhile, is Alan Birch, who, also like Guber, is saddled with a thankless job, is often the target of disrespect, but is also actually a very sweet man. He deserved Diane Grad- and he so did not deserve to be shot seven times.


1. Bablyon 5
Londo, Vir

4. Firefly
Simon, River

Right on both! *g*
You need to write a review of Firefly. Or, at least, message me on aim or yahoo and tell me all the wonderful Firefly moments you like best.

I also recommend watching it again. Firefly is so much better the second and third time through.

Now you're ready for the September movie!!! I'm planning on having a Serenity party in town with all my fellow Browncoats.
Mercy, please! Let me sleep off a week of overtime in Two's first. Then I will crack my knuckles and set to the task of writing all the meta I owe the world. *g*

By the way, do you know a place where I can get a good Simon & River icon?
I don't mean to rush you. By all means, take your time. :)

Let's see. Firefly icons...
light_it - don't let the Crazy Space Interest freak you out. It's harmless. ;)

If you can't find what you're looking for, ask around in those communities. I'm sure someone can help you out. You also can ask in fireflyfans.
1. Vir!
3. Odo?
6. Snape. Everyone likes him.
7. House
9. That blind lady? It's been too long and I may even be thinking of something else entirely.
1. Vir!


3. Odo?

Not quite.

6. Snape. Everyone likes him.

He is my second favorite. Still, this is an excellent guess.

7. House


9. That blind lady?

You are thinking of the right show. The character's name is Marissa, and while I love her immensely, your guess is not quite right.

1. Vir!
2. Stark
3. Julian Bashir
4. Wash
5. Vila
6. Hermione
7. House himself
9. the cat
1. Vir!

Duh. *g*

2. Stark

Right again!

3. Julian Bashir

I can see your reasoning behind this guess, but no. Oddly, Bashir is the only "innocent" who hasn't really pinged my kink.

4. Wash

Nope. See above.

5. Vila

Naturally. ;)

6. Hermione

Another good guess. Hermione is the character to whom I most relate, but, alas, she is not my favorite.

7. House himself

C beat you, but yes.

9. the cat

OMG, you totally got it! I mean, the fur! The mystery! The fact that Gary never named him! *g*

Actually, no. But your guess made me laugh out loud. *g*

[grin] I saw that so long ago, the cat is about all I remember.

I agree with you about House, having seen about four eps. The others in the cast are beautiful but interchangeable (that guy's meant to be Jewish?) and the plots predictable (weird illness, House will try lots of cures which will almost kill the patient, then a chance remark will give him the clue). But he's so funny and snarky, I am vastly entertained despite avoiding medical shows like the plague.

You love Vila best! [dances a dance of joy]
2. Stark

3. Kira

5. Vila

6. Hmm... Ron?
You are right on all except the last. Interestingly, it looks like HP is presenting a challenge for everyone. *g*
6. Neville
8. Scott Gruber
Both are correct! Congrats! *g*
I knew about Gruber, but Neville was a pure guess based on the fact that he reminds me of Vir :)
Trying to remember what you've said about these shows... :)

6. Harry Potter

Um. Neville? Or maybe Sirius. Looking for angsty backgrounds, here ;)

8. Boston Public

Harvey Lipschultz? Total guess.

9. Early Edition

Gary Hobson? I keep remembering you talking about interactions between someone called Colin and someone called Linda, which I vaguely thought was this show, but apparently not. No Colins anywhere...

10. Chicago Hope

Jeffrey Geiger? Because everyone loves Inigo, right?
Ahhh, it has to be someone called Hobson! If there was one on Early Edition, then it's him!
Neville and Gary are correct.

I actually think Sirius is a bit of an ass. I prefer Remus. *g*

See above for the answer for BP. And while I like Geiger, there's another character I like more. Think underdog.
Heh. Can't believe I actually *missed* the incredibly obvious Hobson / Hobsonphile link. Especially when I *knew* your screenname came from a favourite character somewhere. D'oh. Oh well, a lucky guess is better than nothing!

And as far as Chicago Hope goes - I've never seen so much as a single episode. I know *nothing* about the show... I just picked Geiger because, hey, it's Mandy Patinkin :) So I'll leave further guessing to someone else.
It's interesting that "being religious" is more important to identification than the specifics of the religion (I agree).
I also agree.

There's a big difference between being someone who believes that there is something more than what we see, and not doing so. Once you start looking at that divide, whether you believe in Allah, Buddha, the Bajoran Prophets or whatever suddenly becomes less significant.

Plus, *rational* characters who follow a religion are few and far between - so they become disproportionately important as role models for religious viewers. I think that's particularly true in sci-fi, where religion tends to be depicted as a tool of ignorance and repression rather than anything else.
omg! Gruber! hahah, no one else I know can stand him!

None for Chicago Hope

I would guess Aaron Shutt, although I could be wrong.