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londovir- by iamsab

It will probably be this weekend before I have the energy to write anything substantive.

Not only am I still recovering from the multiple drives to and from Baltimore for ConneXions, I'm also covering Two's alone this week at school. Ten Very Small Persons (including one who knows how to operate the safety device on the doorknob and can escape my classroom at will) plus me equals genuine physical exhaustion.

Still, I wanted to pop in to bemoan the fact that I will probably be spending more money to upgrade Vir's account so I can snurch all the icons at babylon5contest that are making me melt and drip from all the cute and sad Vir-ishness. I've discovered, you see, that you can have more than fifty icons when you have a sockpuppet.

I am sad.

ETA: OMG. Somebody just gave Vir paid journal time and extra icons! *gloves that someone*


Escaping two-year-olds? Oy...

My uncle used to do that when he was two or three. He'd supposedly be down for his nap and he'd silently creep down the hall and even out the front door.

I did that too. Which is why my parents are currently having a good laugh at my expense.
*facepalms* I only just found out today that my son knows how to unlock and open the front door.

This is not a happy thing. :P
Hooo, boy. Is his sister on to it yet?
Hee! But are they anatomically correct? That's the question. *eg*
*g* I figured you might like that contest ;) I've been doing several Vir icons based on those caps so far (can't really decide which one to enter), I'll post them in my journal when I'm done.
Darn! I was going to surprise you with all teh pretty once voting started, but now you found it! :)

There's some Londo & G'Kar icons from an earlier challenge, too.