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Ship Meme Answers, Part One

Look, ma! Content!

Here are five of the B5 requests. They spoil show canon- and in some cases, novel canon- so new viewers beware! And, uh, I exceed the 100 word limit on a few. Whoops. *g*

Vir & Lennier

This is one of those relationships I definitely wish had been explored more in canon, not simply for its cute factor, but for the study in contrasts it could’ve provided. Vir and Lennier are both adorable, young diplomatic attaches brought together by the burdens of serving ambassadors who are chosen by opposing “gods;” both gradually lose their innocence over the course of Babylon 5’s epic story. But while Vir survives his loss of innocence and becomes a stronger, if sadder, man, Lennier is shattered by his own loss and, when last we see him in canon, he disappears in shame. Whether it’s cultural or dispositional- or a little of both- Vir proves to be better equipped to assimilate the dark things he learns about himself and others into his own naturally sunny, optimistic personality.

Still, all seriousness aside, I would love to plop these two into the middle of an amusement park like Disney World and watch the lighter differences in personality play themselves out. Lennier, as an introverted academic, would spend much of the time politely bearing Vir’s bubbly excitement and contemplating the cultural significance of dressing up in a giant mouse suit. Vir, as a young concrete sensualist in the most charming aspect of the Centauri tradition, would overindulge on ice cream cones and cotton candy, would beg Lennier for pictures with Goofy, and would get sick on a roller coaster (“But it tasted so good going down!”)- and then the next day, he’ll want to do it again. *g*

And I have so much more I could say, but I’ve more than doubled the stipulated word count. *g*


As I said to fiverly, I feel pretty neutral about this canon relationship. There’s no great hostility, but there’s no great love either, I think because I find one character in the pairing (Delenn) to be vastly more interesting than the other (Sheridan).

Naturally, with my love for conflict, my favorite Sheridan/Delenn moment takes place in Z’Ha’Dum, when their burgeoning romantic relationship runs smack into the consequences of Delenn’s faith in the Vorlons. “You would’ve denied me the opportunity to make that choice!” The scene here reveals an ideological difference between Delenn and Sheridan that threatens the health of the aforementioned new relationship. Delenn has, in general, wholly accepted the guidance of the Vorlons up to this point. Sheridan, meanwhile, resents being led without knowing all the facts. Fascinating. Very fascinating. And deserving of much fic.


Ah, yes- the accepted heterosexual stand-in for Londo/G’Kar.

What can I say? Timov rocks. Her sharp wit and blistering honesty make her a worthy match for Londo, who is equally clever, but more freewheeling and devious. Timov thinks Londo is a fool- and tells him so constantly. Londo thinks Timov is frigid and over-critical- hence his dubbing her “Famine.” And yet, by all the gods, they love each other. Timov is the one wife Londo trusts. That’s the main reason he keeps her, though the chance to continuing arguing and snarking with his mate is certainly a delightful bonus. Timov, meanwhile, is often touched by Londo in spite of herself. Watch her reaction when Londo kisses her hand at the end of Soul Mates- she is charmed.

As with Londo/G’Kar, Timov/Londo is a relationship that can be, strangely, good for both parties. But alas, like all Londo ships, it is ultimately caught up in Londo’s great tragedy. It burns when, in the novels, Londo forces Empress Timov into exile for her own good.

Keeper/Londo (or: Reason One Why We Need a Non-Consensual Relationship Symbol)

There needs to be a symbol denoting non-consensual sexual undertones. Because while my immediate reaction to E jokingly suggesting this pairing was to run screaming into the woods, on second thought, my sick, twisted little brain took it up as a challenge, and suddenly I found it less hard to imagine the Keeper- and by extension, the Drakh Entire- gleaning some clinical pleasure out of absorbing sexual arousal in Londo. With Timov in the palace in the first years of Londo’s reign, the Keeper would certainly have plenty of opportunity to soak things in. Ew! Ew! Bad brain! No biscuit!

Cartagia/Londo (or: Reason Two)

Okay, no one requested this one. I just decided spontaneously to do it after discussions with E. *g*

Yes, I believe Cartagia is functionally bisexual at the very least, and yes, I do believe he has a serious crush on Londo. He beheads his opponents, certainly, but he is also vexed and bored by wheedling sycophants. Londo adeptly walks the tightrope between both factions, and oh, you can see how that arouses the mad emperor! Cartagia repeatedly proclaims his adoration for Londo and even goes to the trouble of giving him a gift. How thoughtful. I think Londo would’ve preferred flowers- if the very idea of being romanced by Cartagia didn’t put a sickening lump in the pit of his stomach.

More Babylon 5, some Farscape, and a revisit of Boston Public to come later...
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