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You KNOW you all want my job. *g*

One of our kindergartners now has a toilet-related complex because his mom has yelled at him about dirty underwear. Oh, gosh, I am absolutely convinced that particular problem is universal for little boys that age. So I feel like counseling this particular parent to just do the laundry and give her son some friendly advice and some wet wipes, if you know what I mean. Meanwhile, I encountered the poopiest pull-up in the history of the universe yesterday while working in two's, and today one of the pre-K's threw up on the floor in the middle of class. ("Stay in your centers! Stop shouting and screaming, it's not a big deal!" Except when you're 4 1/2, it kind of is.)

Yay! Like I said, you all want to drop everything and become pre-school teachers now, don't you? *eg*

On the fannish front, I owe Kerne a gift for doing me an incredibly huge favor. Whatever shall I get her, bearing in mind that I am young and shy about writing porn?

Additionally, does anyone have any special Zack Allen-centered B5 requests? Due to the demands of our current RPG plot, I've been writing Zack more than I've been writing Vir the past few weeks. O_o spoonishly? I know you've declared Zack to be your husband. *g*
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