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zuh- by iamsab

You KNOW you all want my job. *g*

One of our kindergartners now has a toilet-related complex because his mom has yelled at him about dirty underwear. Oh, gosh, I am absolutely convinced that particular problem is universal for little boys that age. So I feel like counseling this particular parent to just do the laundry and give her son some friendly advice and some wet wipes, if you know what I mean. Meanwhile, I encountered the poopiest pull-up in the history of the universe yesterday while working in two's, and today one of the pre-K's threw up on the floor in the middle of class. ("Stay in your centers! Stop shouting and screaming, it's not a big deal!" Except when you're 4 1/2, it kind of is.)

Yay! Like I said, you all want to drop everything and become pre-school teachers now, don't you? *eg*

On the fannish front, I owe Kerne a gift for doing me an incredibly huge favor. Whatever shall I get her, bearing in mind that I am young and shy about writing porn?

Additionally, does anyone have any special Zack Allen-centered B5 requests? Due to the demands of our current RPG plot, I've been writing Zack more than I've been writing Vir the past few weeks. O_o spoonishly? I know you've declared Zack to be your husband. *g*


*raises hand* I do not want your job.

It looks like every episode except Eight and Thirteen went through. I'll send them again tomorrow. You are welcome...and I will think of something. *g*
I do not want your job.


You are welcome...and I will think of something. *g*

For some reason, I'm slightly scared. O_o But thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I can be the geek I've always been destined to be.

By the way, feel free to jump in on the rescue thread. This is Crichton's chance to suggest Zack go down with the team as well and leave the BG to the Centauri crew.
Just commented, forgot about Zack-locale, revising now.
I keep trying to think of a Zach-related thing I'd like, cause I like me some Zach, but I think I've been watching too much Grease lately, because everyone in my head keeps bursting out in song. O_o