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I Hate It When...- by crazybee

Bit Torrent help needed!

So. Realizing that I have missed all of Lost and Battlestar Galactica so far and have thus rendered myself terminally uncool, I have backed off from my usual "downloads are ev0l and fill my computer with spyware!!!!eleventy-one!" attitude and have downloaded Bit Torrent. But now I'm completely at a loss- how do I use the frelling thing? spoonishly? Bueller? Anyone? Which sites are still up and running?


okay... again.

you want to get vids? try this here: http://www. tv torrents .com/ but without spaces
btfenet . org

good source


Also torrentspy.com
novatina or isohunt
are also good

offtop a little

I have noticed, that you have got Vir's lj for the mirror Universe, and I have thought of some plots connected with Mu!Vir. In general, it should be discussed :-) My mirror muse should meet him therefore...
I have idea :-))

Re: offtop a little

Okay. *g* I know I haven't written his introduction yet. But if you have an idea, I'm open to it. *g*

Re: offtop a little

My muse in this Universe is full contrast to a real Na'Toth. *g* She is very similar to your Vir. In this reality Na'Toth has remained on В5 and ambassador G'Kar was missing during Centauri bombardments.
Ambassador Mollari and Vir Cotto are at station and they are her main opponents.(of course)
Now Na'Toth tries to organize resistance (as the ambassador GKar in a canon) and the strange ally has come to her.
It is necessary to tell also, that Vorlons have helped Centauri to win war in this Universe. i think... *g*
And unexpected ally of my muse is in close contact... with Shadows...
As for Vir.. I think Lincolni business will have interesting reflection here.
I think, that NaToth should talk to Vir (something like that sad canon scene with G'Kar " dead, dead., dead" )
What do you think?
Its just my draft plans so all things are possible to change. Any ideas are accepted to consideration!

Re: offtop a little

That sounds potentially interesting. I don't think my concept for vir_in_exile would fit into that, but I would love to play another mirror!Vir that will. Let me think, though, over how G'Kar's absence might impact my favorite Centauri duo specifically before I start anything. *g* In what year are you playing your Na'Toth? I need to know that so I know how far to build this mirror!Vir's alternate history. *g*

Re: offtop a little

It occurs in 2259-60years, in the beginning of 2nd Occupation. Btw, the rules of community don't forbid to play several versions of same muse at once.
If any temp is required for your muse, let me to know about it. I really can take Ivanova, beside she is Russian :-)