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cutemadvir- by iamsab

I've just been reminded why I don't do mailing lists anymore.

The American Sci Fi listserv for Dragon*Con is currently in full wank mode over just how prominent certain shows should be on the track, and somebody just attacked me for no damned good reason other than that I had the temerity to send in, completely innocently, my B5 panel proposals. Sense of entitlement? I'm sorry, what? I said nothing that had anything to do with your stupid fight. In fact, I was merely trying to steer discussion away from the fight and back to the topic at hand- namely, planning the programming for the track this year. So why don't you take a nice toasty trip to the hot place and leave me the hell alone?


Babylon 5 is a perennial D*C favorite - or it's always seemed to be, so what's the deal this year? Are there so many scifi programs to be considered, and if so - where are they on the dial of my television?

Is this basically a melee for time and resources amongst factions? Or is it 'my show is more important/popular than your show, and you should know this by now'?
Apologies for taking so long to explain. *g* The wank began when one of the list members complained about the current guest list being "weak," with no B5, FS, or SG-1 guest yet on schedule. I- and I think most everyone else- thought that March was too early for that sort of complaint, but naturally, this had to evolve into an argument over whether B5 was or was not treated unfairly at last year's con. I was not involved in this initial thread at all. But when I posted my B5 panel proposals on an entirely different thread and another list member made another proposal by building on mine, someone who was clearly a little high on sanctimony decided to lecture us about feeling entitled and being demanding. Not, mind you, the B5 fan who actually complained, but two innocent B5 fans who were simply passing panel ideas back and forth. Hence, the bitchy mood about the whole list.
The D*C guest roster always grows exponentially in the *last* month before the convention, when guests and stars know they don't have a professional project conflicting with the convention appearance. I'm assuming some kind of contract is signed, and it'd be a hassle to break a convention contract for a professional opportunity.

D*C, since it's an old convention, might have several entrenched factions and politically delicate personalities involved. (Let's just smack the standard diagram of any longstanding fandom on everybody! *g*) Maybe newcomers have to 'make their bones' to get something pushed through unless they brought their own army...

You seemed very busy with B5 matters last D*C - last year was bad? (I'm thinking of distance from last new aired B5 episode to presence at D*C 2004; it wasn't invisible as some fandoms that old are.)

::grumble-grumble-poormouthing:: Farscape actors are mostly *Australian*; we never gonna see them again! ::sobs:: (Errant hyperbole, but I can't restrain myself. *g*)

I wonder what fandom's talent will be available during that time period, and eager to come? The fandom to get right now, I guess, would be Lost talent, though that show certainly doesn't need extraneous promotion at the moment. Battlestar Galactica? That'd be smart PR both ways.

This year I am surprised to see so many names signed on *now*, though I wouldn't be surprised if several dropped due to unknown future job chances.
Grr! Wankers.
Oh God ! This happens every year.
You were just unlucky enough to get caught
in the cross fire this time.
I can't even remember what show was the bone of contention
last year.
It's almost like an rite of spring of something.
it is stupid but very perdictable , I'm afraid .

As someone who once was the assistant to the director of the B5 track at Dragon (when there was one), I think that people on the American Sci Fi track don't really think much of the show.

Don't know why but that's the impression I get.

That's, wow, insider kind of oddness - because the *attendees* that I've known have always squealed over the friendly B5 actors showing up regularly at the convention. Even if it was only for an autograph line, just to meet them in person.
Oh yeah, that's certainly true.

Being in B5 fandom since its beginning, I've found the B5 actors to be among the friendliest and most accessible of any I've met. I'm not talking about the attendees here though.
Out of curiosity, what is a director of a track responsible for?