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Cartagia the Mad- by tiamatschild

So, spoonishly DID watch more B5 tonight...

... but, silly me, I forgot to copy the transcript before I closed the window. *headdesk* But you haven't dodged the bullet, T! I still remember. Oh, yes. *eg*

Firstly, the Z-minus screens? Drove T crazy. "Z-minus 14 days till WHAT?" And we wouldn't tell her and she called us meanies. Encounter-suited meanies. Hee.

The end of And the Rock Cried Out, No Hiding Place broke T's brain in the expected manner, especially on the matter of Londo and G'Kar's First! Collaboration! Oh, it was beautiful to watch her watch the episode, because she was completely unspoiled. At one point, she declared that "if Londo hurts G'Kar, I'm gonna cry!" Those of us in the chatroom who have seen the series (there were three tonight- the numbers keep growing!) collectively whistled innocently or snorfled behind our screens. We also- T included- wibbled over poor Vir a lot.

T's response to the appearance of Anna Sheridan was also great. "His WIFE? BUT SHE'S DEAD!" And then, when we started Z'Ha'Dum, she said, again: "Now let me reiterate: SHERIDAN'S WIFE IS DEAD!" Hee. By the end, T declared that she was never trusting Melissa Gilbert again. "Even if she's on Sesame Street, she'll always be a chipped Shadow person to me." No commentary yet on what was revealed about the Shadows' ideology. That, I'm sure, she's saving for her journal entry, once the reaction has faded. *g*

Naturally, to my great pleasure, the giant cliff-hanger that is Z'Ha'Dum compelled her to watch The Hour of the Wolf and she finally got to meet Cartagia. Oh, man, she loves Cartagia. She loves his cute, jaunty scarf and his jaunty belt and his chest hair and the fact that he's absolutely insane (and has severed heads in his study- oh, wait, that was me *g*). She was also gagging over peely Morden, and there was lamenting that the show had taken away its sexy, evil bad. *g* And we all agreed that Vir is still cute post-weight loss (cuter!)- like an "economy-sized teddy bear." Hee. And there was much squealing over Londo's dream coming true. Everytime she sees a dream image in the real world, the CAPS lock gets a little stuck. *g* "DREAM! DREAM! DREAM! IT'S LONDO'S DREAM!" Again, hee.

Then, woe, she stopped for the night. But I have now watched The Hour of the Wolf- and selenak, andrastewhite and others know what that means...


I've got the IM saved. ^__^
Yay! Do you think you could email me the incriminating evidence? *g*
AAAHHH!!! Icon love!!!
You can thank ruuger for that. *g*
Oh - BTW, guys? Tomorrow is my mom's b-day and I may not be available right at 6 pm my time - however, I don't have 4x02 on my hard drive anyway, so maybe I can come in for 4x03?? :)
(explanation - doing her b-day dinner tonight instead). D'oh!
It's one of these syndromes you can recognize a true Centauriphile by.*g* (We have to make a list at some point.)
Indeed we should make a list. ;) Let's see:

Signs You Are a True Centauriphile

1. You can't watch The Hour of the Wolf without immediately watching Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi? through Into the Fire because you want to see all the intrigue on Centauri Prime right now.

2. There are other characters in the early fourth season besides Londo, G'Kar, Vir and Cartagia?

3. There was a major battle in No Surrender, No Retreat?

4. I think Sheridan was inhabited by some sort of energy creature in Knives, but I'm not sure I remember correctly.

Etc. *g*

5. War Withhout End: I dimly recall there was some stuff about some Valen guy as well...

6. Any suggestion to introduce a newbie to B5 with season 2 is countered with growling containing the words "Londo" and "character development".

7. Any suggestion that B5 should have ended with season 4 is countered with even more growling, and hissing, and screams of "Londo! CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! BEST SCENE EVER! FALL OF CENTAURI PRIME!".

8. You know the names of Londo's three wives and which is which apocalyptic horseman but have trouble recalling Lennier's clan, Marcus' last name, or the name of Sheridan's sister.

9. You watch Rising Star with a chuckle and a wide smile on your face because of the Londo/G'Kar scenes and are quite amazed people sob over it, until you recall there is some stuff about some Marcus fellow having died in the previous episode...
Ahem: T, avert your eyes! *g*


10. You cry over the Regent's last speech.

11. Sic Transit Vir is one of your favorite episodes.

12. And so is Born to the Purple.

13. Of the Hugo Award winners, The Coming of Shadows is your runaway favorite.

14. You have fanwanked a reason why many of the Centauri do not have Londo's accent.

15. You crave tentacle pr0n.

Whee! *bounces*
My love for Cartagia knows no bound! I am not ashamed, yay!


And the DREAM is important!

The DREAM determines all!

On another note, I hope you didn't read selenak's comment above. Because it spoils. O_o Not her fault, of course, but just be careful. ;)

I didn't. I skipped over just in case.

Oh, good.

*wipes forehead in relief*

Do that for any conversation selenak and I have. ;)

I'll have lots to read once I finish the series, I guess :)

Ah, yes. We have ESSAYS. *g*

I have watched the "War Without End" eps.

*head explodes*
Hee! Quite a lot is revealed, yes?


Tee hee! *g* I totally adored Cartagia the first time I saw Hour of the Wolf, with the coat and the swishing and the striding and, yes, the jaunty belt. *happy sigh*