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zuh- by iamsab

I have this pipe dream.

Feel free to tell me I'm crazy, but this idea has been implanted in my head for quite awhile- ever since Dragon*Con 2004:

I want an exhibition booth at Dragon*Con 2005 (ETA: or 2006 if it's already too late for this year) for Enemies & Allies. I want it even though I've reviewed the information packet and know full well that it will cost well over $1000 US dollars. I want it even though it means I'll have to do a major site overhaul so it actually looks like a real site instead of the hasty infant archive it is now. I want it even though we're probably not big enough to rate a booth- because if other fic archives can do it, I want to do it too! I think it would be a wonderful opportunity to pimp the site, attract new writers, and maybe even support the two charities I've decided are going to be the official charities for the archive (specifically, selenak's third world charity and the American Diabetes Association), if that's legal.

So, yes, there we are. I had to write that down before I went completely insane. Heading back to reality now...


I'm profoundly grateful for the linking, and any support would be great. Incidentally, speaking of E&A, how about asking saava for her beautiful Centauri and Narn related icons to be hosted among the graphics? I'm sure any site visitor who hasn't found them in her lj would be thrilled.
Oh, I'm definitely going to start trolling for art in the coming months. I know ruuger, for example, has also put together some beautiful collages. And I think I'm going to start poking misshallelujah as well, because she makes icons like this one.