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"Dust to Dust" - an abridged chat transcript

spoonishly: Oooh, Lennier just told Vir that because Londo's heart is dark, a visit to Minbar wouldnt' do him good
spoonishly: Oh man, G'Kar's the one buying the dust!
spoonishly: Oh man.
Hobsonphile: Oh, and I LOVE what Vir says in return: "That's because you don't know him. One day, he will surprise you." OMG LOVE VIR! <3 <3 <3
spoonishly: I KNOW! Vir has so much faith in Londo :-)
Hobsonphile: He's the only one who does. I CAN'T BELIEVE LONDO SENT HIM AWAY. Well, actually, I can believe it, because it makes sense character-wise, but- ARGH!
spoonishly: but he came back and londo was happy!
Hobsonphile: And yes- OMG WHIMPER G'KAR.
spoonishly: OMG! G'Kar! He took the drugs! He took the drugs!
Hobsonphile: Yep. THIS is actually the whole point of the episode. Just watch what he does!
spoonishly: his eyes are so dark! no more red!
Hobsonphile: It's fucking scary!
spoonishly: it is! I had to pause and make sure I wasn't seeing things!
Hobsonphile: It's the worst acid trip ever.
spoonishly: heh, londo and vir are arguing over the minbari
Hobsonphile: Oh, god, oh god, it's coming, IT'S COMING!
Hobsonphile: But yeah, hee, the argument is cute.
spoonishly: He looked like a rag doll. OMG OMG
Hobsonphile: I'M SO SCARED! HOLD ME!
Hobsonphile: VIRRRRRRRRR!
spoonishly: *cling cling cling*
spoonishly: LONDO IS CRYING!
Hobsonphile: WHIMPER!
spoonishly: OMG flashback!
spoonishly: Whoa! G'Kar's seeing Morden! He's seeing Londo ask Morden to eliminate the Narn homeworld!
Hobsonphile: That's what I meant before when I raved cryptically about Peter's performance in this episode. Because normally in TV, when somebody gets pounded, you don't usually see such raw emotional consequences. But there it was.
Hobsonphile: G'Kar is raping Londo here and is seeing EVERYTHING.
spoonishly: Yes, he just ripped Londo's mind apart.
spoonishly: WHOA!
spoonishly: G'Kar is seeing...Kosh?
Hobsonphile: Yes.
Hobsonphile: I love this scene SO MUCH.
spoonishly: OMG SO GOOD.
spoonishly: G'Kar started to cry after Kosh tried to steer him away from the path of hate
spoonishly: And Vir! "I should be here. He'll need me."
Hobsonphile: OMG G'KAR! OMG VIR! Vir makes me cry in that scene. He looks like he's tearing up as he taps on the glass. <3 <3 <3 Vir.
spoonishly: I KNOW! And Londo does a small wave and LOVE!
Hobsonphile: Londo&Vir is LOVE!
spoonishly: YES. And G'Kar looks so calm and content and at peace with his punishment
Hobsonphile: G'Kar hit bottom in this episode. He had to to be ready to really receive the message.
spoonishly: Oh yeah. Total rock botoom. And Vir is leaving again!
Hobsonphile: Now there is nowhere to go but up.
Hobsonphile: VIRR! I want him to stay a little longer so bad at the end of this episode. Because Londo looks completely gutted.
spoonishly: Psi Corp manufactured the dust!
spoonishly: Bastards!
Hobsonphile: YEP! MUAHA! I KNEW that would be your reaction!
spoonishly: And that's the end. Oh man.
Hobsonphile: What did I tell you?
spoonishly: That was awesome, man. G'Kar hitting rock bottom, the ever mysterious Kosh, the revelation about Psi Corp...
Hobsonphile: There are... certain things that happen between G'Kar and Londo later on that, I think, would not have been possible without this episode. There's nothing G'Kar doesn't know now.
spoonishly: Nope. G'Kar knows it all and I'd imagine the Londo/G'Kar relationship is going to be quite strained for a little while
Hobsonphile: Indeed, although, alas, we don't see that on screen. They don't really interact on screen again for some time.
Hobsonphile: The reason for the dead air will become clear when you see how 3.20 is put together.
Hobsonphile: Whoops, I mean, they don't interact in PRESENT DAY. Ahem.
spoonishly: HEE!
Hobsonphile: Yeah, we actually take a little timeline detour. But I can't say anything more. :-)
spoonishly: hee!
Hobsonphile: TEASE!

I've been getting hardly any sleep at all this weekend because of the B5. I'm hopeless!
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