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I Hate It When...- by crazybee

No, it is NOT dead! Fandom still lives, damn it!

Despite the recent bad news about the prospects of a B5 movie in the near future, I refuse to be depressed. Because new viewers like spoonishly (who, by the way, has now finished the second season) are coming in all the time.

Meanwhile, I have a few more icon requests. First, an idea for a Certain Scene in The Long, Twilight Struggle, again inspired by spoonishly's progress through the series. This one is an animated icon request using the following two caps:

And these lyrics from Sarah McLachlan's "Fallen":

But it's one missed step
One slip before you know it
And there doesn't seem a way to be redeemed

Second, an idea for a Certain Episode in the fifth season featuring this cap (which doesn't really spoil much, spoonishly, so you're safe):

With the Green Day lyric:

I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams

I am also still looking for good fannish graphic artists who can help me revamp Enemies & Allies so it looks cleaner and more polished. Anyone who helps will of course be credited and lavishly praised. *g*

ETA: Oh, and here is another animated icon idea for Knives, one of my personal favorites, using the following caps:

With this line from Macbeth:

I am in blood; Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go o'er.



I can do those later today if no-one else has offered. :-)
Thank you! *hugs* Londo-centered icon ideas are eating my brain thanks to spoonishly, but the photo-editing programs I have on my computer are terribly weak, as I can't yet afford to purchase Photoshop.
I only have PS Elements 2 (the poor Delta version of PS--must get 3) but I manage OK. That's what I've done all my icons and photomanips in.
OK, here they are. I hope they're good enough. I put borders round them cos I think they look smart: blue, dark purple, and blood-red. :-P It was hard finding fonts which would make the text readable and not be too boring. If someone else does you better ones, I won't mind if you use theirs.

mass drivers empty street blood
Um, just had a thought. Would you prefer the icons square with a portion of the text above each pic?
That was actually my thought, yes. But these are beautiful. Thank you for putting in the time!
OK, I can have a go at that, then you can choose.
OK, I redid those ones. Now you have a choice. :-)

mass drivers blood empty street

mass drivers 2 blood 2
Yay! Thank you!
I am also still looking for good fannish graphic artists who can help me revamp Enemies & Allies so it looks cleaner and more polished.

I'll volunteer to help, provided that you're not in a terrible hurry :) I'm turning in the first draft of my thesis on March 10th, but I should have plenty of free time after that.
Oh, I'm in no hurry. I would like to get the revamp done by Dragon*Con, but that's in September. *g*
Yay, Whale-rider icon!