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Cameron & House = OTF!

You may recall a previous cranky post in which I defended Cameron and declared myself a fan of House&Cameron ampersand. Well. Last night, I was dead from the cute. I went, in a few scenes, from being willing to advocate for H&C to jumping around squealing OMGyesyesYES! To be sure, the show will lose me quickly if this goes beyond good friendship. But House? With Cameron? And monster trucks? (Incidentally, if it's revealed that House likes wrestling and NASCAR too, I will die again. I love the whole redneck angle. *g*) And OMG, House actually looked shy and adorably pathetic when he asked her!

I stand by my original declaration- Cameron humanizes House and I love her for it.

ETA an admission: I do see that House/Wilson is barely a centimeter away from being canon. But I don't feel an overwhelming urge to squee over it and I can't really explain why. I think it may be because I'm just not drawn to Wilson as a character. Which, I know, puts me in the teeny minority here on LJ again. *shrug* Not that being in the minority has ever bothered me.
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