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londovir- by iamsab

A Quark marathon is about to begin

DS9's fifth season has arrived at my house! Squee!

But before I start watching the fifth season in general, I'm going to strike up a conversation with the Quark muse (in belated honor of selenak's birthday) by watching the following fifteen episodes:

The Nagus, Rules of Acquisition, Rivals, Profit and Loss, The Jem'Hadar, House of Quark, Prophet Motive, Family Business, Little Green Men, Bar Association, Body Parts, Looking for Par'Mach in All the Wrong Places, The Ascent, Business as Usual, Ferengi Love Songs

Before I've even begun, Quark has pointed out to me a few interesting insights:

Number one, he tells me, "I have an interesting taste in women." Have we ever seen Quark pursue a Ferengi female? Perhaps my recollection is incorrect, but I don't think so. He's pursued Kira, Dax, a Klingon woman, and a Cardassian woman, all of whom are far from the Ferengi ideal where females are concerned. How very strange indeed.

Last night, HobsonphileBro and I watched the first disc in the season five set, which included Looking for Par'Mach in All the Wrong Places. I joked to HobsonphileBro that maybe I should write Quark/Grilka. His response was to slam his hands over his ears and start singing. *g*

Number two, I watched Body Parts fairly recently, and that episode provided an interesting tid-bit of information- namely that Quark sold supplies to Bajoran refugees at "slightly above cost." Hmm.

Number three, Quark tells me that he does kind of like Odo, but he will deny it if anyone asks. *g*

It looks like we have a number of potential avenues to explore. And I'll probably come up with more.

How might I bring all of this together into something interesting? Hmm...


Ah how soon we forget.

Season 2 he shaked up with a female who pretended to be male. I could look up the episode name, but I am to tired. And that, to my knowledge, is the only time that we have seen Quark interact with a "feeemmallee" of his own speices that was not his mother (who also wears clothes?).

I myself want to see some Quark/Alternate Kira. COME ON! You all know you want it!
Season 2 he shaked up with a female who pretended to be male.

That's Rules of Acquisition. But does that really count, though? From what I remember, that relationship was rather one-sided.

In any case, that instance still follows the general rule- that Quark seems to be attracted to non-traditional women.
Well granted, but I think all great men are attacted to non-traditional women, traditional women being boring and stuck up like Kai Winn or Londos two ex-wives.
Well, yes, I certainly agree. The reason I noted it in Quark's case is because it stands in contradiction to his stated dedication to Ferengi tradition. In other words, while he says he's a traditional Ferengi, he's really not. *g*
Do you really think he is that dedicated to Ferengi tradition? I mean he loves money, but alot of his actions in the show seem on contradiction to the actions of other ferengis.

Of course he is a fully developed character and not the one time throw away villians that most ferengis are.
Of course he is a fully developed character and not the one time throw away villians that most ferengis are.


And no, I don't think he's a traditional Ferengi. As he says, he's been hanging around the Federation too long. *g*

Ah, Quark discussion!

A good selection of Quark-centric episodes, btw. As for Quark and Pel (the one Ferengi woman we do see him with in a semi-romantic association), here's what I think: he really liked her. (Bear in mind that when she kisses him, while Quark still believes she's a man, he slightly freaks out but does not banish her from sight or denies her her share in the profits - he just goes the "let's pretend this never happened" route. Also, he protects her when Rom outs her to the Nagus.) Could have fallen in love if she had stuck around, but had not yet.

Of course, perhaps we never got to see Quark with a traditional Ferengi woman because a traditional Ferengi woman would be at home on Ferenginar, chewing food for the men of the household, and not on DS9 where the show is set.*g* But anyway, yes, I agree, he has a thing for strong women (and like G'Kar is a xenophile).

Quark and Odo: note that Quark is the only person who notices Odo is in love with Kira for quite a long time - and keeps quiet about it. He doesn't try to embarrass or blackmail Odo about it once. Their scenes in Crossfire are quite touching.

Quark selling food to Bajoran refugees: isn't that also mentioned in Profit and Loss? (It's what originally attracted Natima's attention, I believe.)