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Meep- by vilakins

In which Hobs comes out of the closet and admits she watches some reality TV.

Not, oddly enough, most of the big shows (such as Survivor, Amazing Race, or Fear Factor), but some really frelling obscure reality shows. Shows such as:

Supernanny (ABC)- I find Jo's advice helpful at work. I've become more conscious especially of how I speak to the kids when I'm disciplining them, and I try to remember to keep my voice low and to get down on their level and look them in the eye.

How Clean Is Your House (Lifetime)- Continuing on the British Invasion theme is this little show which airs on Lifetime late on Monday nights. It is soooo camp, but it amuses me, particularly when Kim and Aggie start shrieking like banshees because they've discovered something in someone's mess that's particularly disgusting, which happens in every single episode.

Clean Sweep (TLC)- I want that team to come and organize my bedroom. Seriously.

What Not to Wear (TLC)- Is the meanest show ever- particularly the fashion critiques in the 360 degree mirror closet- but I admit it, it amuses me too. And I've always been something of a sucker for makeover stories, maybe because I've always wished I could get one.

And at the end of this small list is my one blockbuster:

American Idol (FOX)- I'm waiting for the day when Paula finally hauls off and slaps Simon. *g* Those two are damned lucky I don't care for RPF. And, ahem, I actually do call in and vote. Hey, good music matters to me. This time around, I'm cheering for Bo Bice, because he's different and because his voice is really my style.

Lastly, new icon, courtesy of vilakins!


I'm all up for WNTW, except I'd rather have Trinny and Susannah (BBC) than Stacy and Clinton.

I'd be up for Clean Sweep, too, except they'd make me get rid of my stuff, and that would lead to a psychotic break, so not so much.

And really, Amazing Race is nice because the eliminations aren't determined by being voted out.
Your icon!!! So excellent!!!

It's okay with me if you watch reality TV. I still like you. :)
On How Do I Look, a designer and two of your closest friends/relatives go through your closet, take stuff away from you, and deliberately throw it into a trash can before your very eyes. It makes What Not To Wear seem warm and fuzzy.
I find all of these acceptable, mostly because something is accomplished instead of rewarding backstabbing, talentless famewhores.

You have passed my reality meter. Go forth and enjoy!

and hee! to the icon.
Hehee... They just started airing "Supernanny" here as well.. I like it. I almost liked "Nanny 911" better, though. But "What not to wear" is hilarious. I would love to get fashion advice from those two. But then again, maybe not....
I am so. Totally. Hooked. On "What Not to Wear." I worship at the altar of Stacy and Clinton. I've submitted my sister and her husband for their consideration. I watch every Friday, and I follow their advice to the letter. Stacy even convinced me to try those pointy-toed shoes, and hey, they're actually pretty comfortable, amazingly enough.
Damn... forgot to turn off the html. Oops!
Bo's cool but I prefer Constantine. He's the better performer, imo. And I like his voice.

As for the girls....Nadia and Carrie rock.