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londovir- by iamsab

Awwww! *sniff*

This makes me want to write sticky, goopy, sappy sprog fic featuring Stark holding D'Argo Sun-Crichton and, I don't know, blessing him or something. Because dude.


Awww. Yeah, they kind of choked me up a little, too. :)
Stars made snarky comments about John and Stark doing male-bonding over impending fatherhood, but I know she mentioned at one point that she felt a little sniffly.

I had to go to bed, or who knows how much schmoop might have occurred.
::sticks tongue out at you::

That wasn't snark. IIRC, I was worried that John would scrare Stark off, and then relieved that they could have a male-bonding moment. You're just jealous 'cause Aeryn made note of Stark as an excellent back-up daddy, should Unfortunate Events somehow occur.

Aeryn and I were both very touched, thankyouverymuch. She's quite fond of this Stark.
Equally, I'm sure that if anything happened to Stark, John would be more than glad to take Leilani. He and Aeryn could raise her with Terra. It'd totally be in line with B7 canon, too, re: Dayna and Lauren.
Aww, that'd be reassuring for him to know, too. Between Vila, Cally, Lihan, and Cricthon, I'm sure she'd be well taken care of.
Gawd, Stark's nervous enough about being a decent father with his own kid, let alone whether he qualifies as a back-up daddy. But that's sweet. And Stark'd do just about anything for Aeyrn, you know. Even though he swears he's over the obsessive-stalker thing. ;)

And John handled the male-boding moment well, what with making sure the guy-like punch on the arm was all non-threatening and stuff. He's learned how to deal with Stark pretty well, I think.
So how many little girls under the age of three can Stark take care of at once? Just curious. :)
Erm, how many were you thinking of dumping on him? :)
Well, there's Leilani, and Terra, and Zelda... and Lihan says they have 250 more, too. :)
I think we established once that two would make him deeply nervous and three terrifies him, but that once you get past that, he gives in and somehow it ceases to matter to him how many more there might be. :)
*feels a huge wave of sap rising*
Don't. even. think. it.
Damned sappy aliens and their damned sappy babies. :)
If there's any sap, I want my pup, with his adopted three year old, in on it. *g*

I was supposed to write a fic for the Rygelthon. And now it's finally done. Really really really late, but done.

Sorry. :(

It's here.