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Why Vir Deserves WAY More Sex in Fic (for astrogirl2)

Getting back to my rants and raves, astrogirl2 requested a rant on Vir and how he is underappreciated. I hope she doesn't mind that I've altered the thrust (heh) of the rant a little. *g* Without further ado:

Why Vir Deserves Way More Sex in Fic

LJ B5 fandom has blazed new trails and written numerous excellent examples of Londo!Porn. But I believe it's now time to focus our creativity on his younger, more innocent attache. Behold- a manifesto:


Vir makes porn cute.

To expand on the concept: While I certainly enjoy the tentacle porn written for Londo, an older character who has, shall we say, been around the block many times, there's something to be said for the blush of first-time-y-ness that seems to permanently surround Vir when it comes to matters of passion. Vir is a great big ball of geeky, earnest, painfully shy nerves around the fairer sex. To be honest, that deeply resonates with my own sexual innocence. When Vir blushes in my stabs at Vir!Porn, there's a little of me in there too. *g* But even if you're an old hat at the porn, you might find you enjoy embracing a character for whom sex looms so large, so daunting, and so very, very important to get right- so important that he seeks the counsel of female acquaintances and hangs on to their every uncertain word of advice.


Vir makes porn soothing.

Don't get me wrong- I love the anger and frustration and tragedy and passion of Londo!Porn too. But when you're in dire need of comfort, as I have been in recent days, Vir!Porn is the perfect remedy. Vir!Porn is like that favorite, fluffy blanket of yours that you burrow under on cold winter mornings- or a particularly good cup of tea. Vir, I believe, likes to cuddle almost as much as he likes the sex itself. He is also exceedingly gentle and giving. Like his older friend, Vir knows it's important to take one's time and to ensure that his partner is enjoying herself just as much as he is. Unlike his friend, Vir cannot recite romantic poetry in five languages while in the midst of the act, but you can be sure that whatever he does say is completely honest and always kind. Whereas Londo!Porn can carry with it a certain element of recklessness, Vir!Porn is all about safety and warmth.


Vir is a romantic hero, and romantic heroes are supposed to get sex.

Sic Transit Vir, Vir's one chance at playing the romantic lead, is such a telling episode. And one of my favorite moments speaks especially to his suitability as a romantic figure. When Vir and Lyndisty run into a Narn seeking vengeance, Vir doesn't even have to think about what to do- he tells Lyndisty to get behind him and steps up, perhaps foolishly considering his usual meekness and pacifism, to defend her honor. O. M. G. Every time I see that completely natural, completely sincere act of heroism, I just want to take him down right there in the corridor and ravish him.

Vir is a compassionate, honorable young man. He always keeps his promises and always thinks beyond himself. In fact, his selflessness is so unique- and his self esteem so damaged- that he often cheats himself. Porn should be written for the simple purpose of rewarding Vir for his elemental goodness and reminding him that he can- easily- be loved.
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