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londovir- by iamsab

In which H. bitches about her poor health

I'm in desperate need of some cheering up.

I've injured another rib. From coughing. Since Thanksgiving, not a day has passed in which I haven't been sick with a violent, hacking cough. And some days- like today- have also featured aching, queasiness, dripping from certain nasal orifices, and me lying in bed nearly naked because OMG, I'm so hot. This year, I've been hit with every single infection that's torn through the area, back to back, without any breaks, and right now cutting out my lungs with a carving knife sometimes doesn't seem like a bad idea, because even though that would kill me, at least the coughing would finally stop.

Yeah. It's gotten that bad. Help. Me.

I'm on Yet Another Round of antibiotics and cursing my rheumatoid arthritis for requiring medications that turn my immune system to shit. And I know a lot of you out there on my flist are suffering from chronic illness and maybe you know exactly what I mean when I say I feel like screaming for these damn bugs to leave me the hell alone for once. I just want to go to a movie with my friends and make it all the way through without once feeling like I'm going to accomplish the impossible and cough up my spleen- or blow off the top of my skull. Is that really so much to ask?



*shakes fists at immuno-modifying drugs*

You on prednisone?

Here, watch this gif.
You on prednisone?

Yes. It works like a charm for the arthritis, but... grar!

Here, watch this gif.


Muahaha! Thanks. *g*
I'm finally off the steroid. Of course, it required removing my colon but hey, now I can heal the incision.
Would you possibly be interested in a vitamin recommendation for rebuilding/helping your immune system along? Because I know of one... they're called Immu-Plus, and they're by Douglas Labs. You can't get them in stores, generally, but you might be able to dig them up online, and I don't know a single person who has used these and not gotten excellent results--myself included. It's a really nice blend, just the one pill so you're not swallowing half a pharmacy.

Granted, I don't know what you're on (I've got FMS, for which they have... pretty much nothing) and it might be that you can't take any vitamins, but.... *shrugs* It's one of few useful things I can offer.
Thank you for the recommendation. I'll consult with my rheumy. Right now, I'm willing to try anything.
:( *hugs*

Darn. I hope you do feel better soon...

And that gif is fantastic :) I'd try posting something cheerful for you myself, but I can't think of anything.
I've been wondering if you were okay. I'm sorry you're not. *hugs*
I'm not usually one for new agey types of things, but have you considered looking into holsitic/alternative medicine types of supplements for your immune system?

I completely sympathize because I have broken a rib coughing, and I know how tedious and painful the non-stop hacking and heaving can get, and the general malaise and fever and you wish it would just stop, already.

But if the traditional meds are doing a number on you, maybe there's something non-traditional that can help? Does your specialist know of anyone he/she can refer you to for that?

::hugs very carefully:: I hope you feel better soon, honey.
Alas. Best of luck and better health soon.
So sorry.*hugs* But am currently bereft of the funny, on account of it being 6:30 in the morning here, so can`t cheer you up right away. I`ll try to think of something once my brain works again...
What the icon says. So sorry you're not well.
*silently offers sympathy*
*hugs you* Ouch. :( I hope you're feeling better soon ...
Oh, you poor thing. :-( [sends sympathy and best wishes]
*hugses and tea*

I'm sorry you're feeling so horrible. If I could send Vir over to make you hot jaala, I would. Darn lack of Imaginary-Dimension Traveling Devices.