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londovir- by iamsab

Free Rant: When LJ Fucks You Over

I just finished writing a post for Vir- his response to the "happily ever after" question. It was a few hundred words and I was misting up a little while writing it and LJ ATE IT, God damn it! AAAARGH! Now I have to start all over and, while I remember the gist, it won't be exactly the same the second time and grrr! OMGDIE!


Use Mozilla or Firefox instead of IE, it doesn't lose stuff in textboxes.
It's something to consider. I only use IE because of my University of Phoenix classes (the UoP platform doesn't work on Firefox or Mozilla). But I've requested a short leave from school, so...
Nothing says you can't have both on your machine. Heck, you couldn't remove IE if you wanted to. Firefox is known for being a fairly small, pared-down application, too.
All right, then.
Bum. I use Firefox, but I also don't compose more than a comment (like this one) on screen. I write my posts elsewhere then paste them in so I can't lose them.
Well, I've learned my lesson. And hey, I managed a pretty good reconstruction. Guess my memory is better than I thought.

There, there. You are cute when you're angry. Also, I feel for you. My (first, long decommissioned since) computer once ate 60 pages of what I had written.

Also, I loved your entry, and it made me misty-eyed, too.
Thanks! And 60 pages?! Thank the Great Maker I've never lost a work that large! Then again, if I'm composing something in Word, I tend to obsessively save after every sentence. *g*
Grar! AngerRage! on your behalf.

Really gotta add my NewtRage icons.
It's all right now. I've consoled myself by scribbling around in MSPaint. *g*

too lazy to log out and in again...

Heee! I love it!!!! Can I use the kitty for a Chesh icon?

Re: too lazy to log out and in again...

Sure! *g*