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Comments of a random nature

Last night, my RL friend Jason and I went to see the graveyard showing of The Phantom of the Opera, chasing a childhood memory of seeing the production in, if I recall correctly, the National Theater with my parents. The movie was as beautiful and as broadly theatrical as I hoped it would be. And now I'm old enough to appreciate the tragedy of the story- a soul locked in darkness, craving beauty, touched by an act of mercy. *happy sigh*

In other news, betareject has started a mirror universe roleplaying community, mu_muse, and I've decided to participate as vir_in_exile, a version of Vir based on the third alternate universe in Missing Light. I've wanted to expand on that universe in particular for awhile, and this seems like a perfect opportunity. astrogirl2: This might be your chance to blog as Avatar!Stark. *g*

Am currently cuddled beneath the covers and listening to the sounds of my neighbors scraping the ice off of their cars. There are rants and squees to come later today. Stay tuned!
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