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Comments of a random nature

Last night, my RL friend Jason and I went to see the graveyard showing of The Phantom of the Opera, chasing a childhood memory of seeing the production in, if I recall correctly, the National Theater with my parents. The movie was as beautiful and as broadly theatrical as I hoped it would be. And now I'm old enough to appreciate the tragedy of the story- a soul locked in darkness, craving beauty, touched by an act of mercy. *happy sigh*

In other news, betareject has started a mirror universe roleplaying community, mu_muse, and I've decided to participate as vir_in_exile, a version of Vir based on the third alternate universe in Missing Light. I've wanted to expand on that universe in particular for awhile, and this seems like a perfect opportunity. astrogirl2: This might be your chance to blog as Avatar!Stark. *g*

Am currently cuddled beneath the covers and listening to the sounds of my neighbors scraping the ice off of their cars. There are rants and squees to come later today. Stay tuned!


This might be your chance to blog as Avatar!Stark. *g*

Aaargh! I have enough trouble keeping up with the regular Stark. :)
But it would be so cool!
*attempts to beat stupid plot bunny to death with a shovel*
If you won't, I might. Might. I just don't want to steal what is rightfully your idea. ;)
Hey, I'd love to see you do it! As severely tempted as part of me is, I kind of don't think I'm going to. And I've got way too many other writing projects going right now...
Well, I'll think about it. *g* I'm uncertain of what I will be able to take on as well.
Aww... Phantom of the Opera... And "Think of Me" constantly sounds in my head...
And by the way... About the mirror universes... Did you read it?
Dark Distorted Mirror
I bookmarked that awhile ago for future reading. *g* I'm told it's quite good.
And VERY BIG! *g*
Yes. Which is why I bookmarked it. *g* I don't often have the time to read novel-length fics. And this one is actually a multiple novel series. I have to say, I really respect writers who can complete a project that massive!
I admire with W.Garreth's creativity because he wrote all this stuff in a mode of real time... Spreading chapters in the Internet at once... It is very hard... And it is very similar to shootings of a serial (B5)... There is point no return and you should constantly improvise...
And there is very interesting Vir!!