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Notes to self:

I: Finish your rants and squees this weekend. And your Stark fic.

II: You know that VHS tape of BSG episodes that is growing ever longer? Watch it, dummy, or you will not be able to play with the cool kids!

III: Duuude, Servalan's costumes? They rock like a 70's-camp-sci-fi rocking thing. Make one before next fall's Dragon*Con.

IV: Oh, yes- and make the Avatar!Stark costume too.


Ahhh, that's what you meant by 'avatar'! I thought you were just talking about playing him yourself. [smacks head] And hey, he's got longer hair in that which is a help because it doesn't matter if yours shows.

Hmm. For the mask, papier mache might work if you have access to a clothes dummy with a head. Put some muslin on first to 1) enable you to get it off and 2) for a nicer feel on your face. Then you could paint it to match the straps, and for those, vinyl is quite cheap.

For the stockings, get two pair and chop a leg off each, or buy pink and use textile paint to add stripes.

We are going to have to see photos!
Well, obviously I'm going to take photos of both costumes if I succeed. *g*