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Notes to self:

I: Finish your rants and squees this weekend. And your Stark fic.

II: You know that VHS tape of BSG episodes that is growing ever longer? Watch it, dummy, or you will not be able to play with the cool kids!

III: Duuude, Servalan's costumes? They rock like a 70's-camp-sci-fi rocking thing. Make one before next fall's Dragon*Con.

IV: Oh, yes- and make the Avatar!Stark costume too.


III. I have in fact seen Pressure Point. That's what prompted the costume comment to begin with.

II. I miss you toooo. *sniff*
III. Now that makes sense.*g* Incidentally, as you might guess, Pressure Point was a turning point for the show. First dead regular and all. Buckle your seat belts!