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londovir- by iamsab

How... interesting:

You scored as Sadistic Humour. Congratulations, you scored Sadistic Humour. You find the little things in life to be funny, and have a great sense of humour, whether it's stupid or dark. You're probably young, and older people don't understand why it's all so fucking hillarious. Either way, check out: Clerks, Mallrats, Napoleon Dynamite, Wayne's World.


Sadistic Humour










Romantic Comedy


Mindless Action Flick


Movie Recommendation.
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I'm surprised Sci-Fi/Fantasy is so far down on the list.


Just randomly, I LOVE that Londo & Vir icon!!! XD
iamsab made it for me. She deserves the praise. *g*
Clearly, you've a dark side you've been hiding away from me all this time!
I'm a cute, fluffy bunny, I swear! *g* Er, except for that time I flirted with the Shiv'kala muse. Or the fact that I love, love, love House, which is dark, sarcastic humor embodied. Or the fact that, when someone broached the concept of Londo/Cartagia, I could immediately envision it. Or the fact that I think of the end of B7 and my first reaction is: "Everybody dies! Cool!" Or the fact that I became a FS fan because of DNA Mad Scientist...

So, um, yes- I suppose this result might be accurate in some respects. But Sci-Fi/Fantasy should be at the top of the list, or at least at number two.
Only slightly OT and since you brought it up, did you notice that Andraste's B5 soundtrack has a Londo/Cartagia song? Little did Bloodraven know what she caused...
Naturally, the soundtrack has a Londo/Cartagia song. We are a twisted bunch. *g*