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As of April 1, 2006:

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Note Added on May 14, 2011: Right now, this journal is virtually inactive. I use it mainly to read and comment on my friends' posts. If you would like to know how to get in touch with me via other channels, please leave a comment below.

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The Road to Mayfield (House Meta)

(posted publicly to allow external response)

A while back, I rather portentously remarked that I had spied what could be a glimmer of genius in House: one element – one persistent theme – that I believe the writers, whatever their flaws, have pursued in a consistent and honest manner. Indeed, I have come to the conclusion that the close of the fifth season was a quite logical culmination of a process that began in the early second season – that Stacy Warner touched off an existential crisis that through subsequent events has snowballed into House’s current madness.


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Previous bits of meta:

The Vogler Arc
Stacy Warner

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Switching My Email (PSA)

My email inbox at excite.com has been inaccessible for two days now, so I am switching back to gmail permanently. If anyone needs to get in touch with me, please contact me at hobsonphile@gmail.com.

Thank you!
Punch Your Lights Out

Because apparently, this needs to be made clear:

I have people on my friends list who have very strong and frequently very heterodox (for LJ) opinions. I have friended all of you because I am genuinely interested - often delighted - by what you have to say - and because filling my reading list with people who all agree in lockstep would be terribly boring.

That said -

- if you can't play nice with each other, I'm going to kick you out of my sandbox.
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What Do You Want- by ruuger

DVD's Available:

(for the curious)

Mainly, I would like to sell my eleven seasons of M*A*S*H and replace them with the box set to clear off shelf space. And then maybe - well, are the Starburst editions of Farscape worth it? If so, I may sell my older editions.

Which reminds me: Way back when, a few of you requested History Channel DVD's and never got back to me. (For those of you who have in fact sent me an address, I should be shipping yours after the New Year. I tried going to the post office a few days back and it was mobbed, so I figured it would be best to wait until after the holidays. O_o) In particular, I don't think I've heard from iamsab or betareject (Beta, I'm just going to give you whatever has not been claimed). Send me an email at hobsonphile at gmail please so I can zip them your way!
Brothers - by nentari

M*A*S*H Recs Needed!

iamsab, mosinging1986, nentari, et. al! crack_van has selected M*A*S*H to be one of their featured small fandoms for December, and I've been tapped to do the recs. Help me, my beautiful people, for my reading interests are, admittedly, rather narrow, and I prefer to deliver broad spectrum crack to the general audience. If you've read a M*A*S*H story that you feel deserves to get featured, please leave the link here and I shall peruse it. I reserve the right to make my own judgments, but chances are pretty high that if you rec it, it'll probably make the list. ;)
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Friendship - by nentari

Dear Friends:

If I don't respond to your comments, it means one of the following things:

1. I have not yet received a comment notification because my email client is malfunctioning again.


2. I can't think of anything to say in response.

Please know that I'm not ignoring you! If you post it and I see it, I do read and assimilate it. I'm just kind of introverted and tend not to reply unless I feel I have something further to contribute.

Keep It Clean- by ashes_to_roses

Public Notice To the Individual I've Just Removed from My Friends List:

(whom I won't name because I am not a troll)

I have a friends list that is quite diverse, both geographically and politically. Among my friends here, I count libertarians, conservatives, monarchists, liberals, and leftists from Europe, Asia, North America, and Australasia. I disagree with many of these people; sometimes, I even violently disagree. But in the (coming up on) five years that I've been on Live Journal, I've only had occasion to remove a few people from my friends list for crossing my mental line. You have just joined their ranks.

I am heartbroken that it has come to this. I originally friended you because you and I share a rather esoteric interest that I don't really get to discuss with anyone else. Indeed, I hope that we can continue to share said interest on the communities devoted to the subject. But it has become increasingly apparent that you have a caste of mind that I find particularly intolerable.

The warning signs appeared early. When the lead writer for a certain fandom we share casually expressed the belief that his central character is straight, your reaction was out of all proportion to the situation. You accused him of homophobia and of consciously starting an anti-slash propaganda campaign merely because he expressed an opinion to which he is perfectly entitled. I did not defriend you then, though, because I tend to make allowances for fannish passion - and eventually, you did dial it back. I also bit my tongue when you, to my mind, perpetuated half-truths about American history because I could understand how a sincere person might, upon reading certain texts, come to your conclusions. And I let it pass when you made certain extremely prejudicial and inaccurate remarks about the members and media of your political opposition because I understand political passion, too.

You crossed my mental line, however, when you made it clear that you embrace conspiracy theories that, in order to be tenable, require a large number of people to be either groveling, terrified dupes, or greedy and unprincipled murderers. One can disagree with current American foreign policy without going there. That you have, in fact, gone there makes you, quite frankly, rather toxic in my eyes. And I don't want toxic people on my friends list. I don't want people on my friends list who are that unbelievably arrogant. I don't want people on my friends list who believe they know better than everyone else. Frankly, I'm amazed someone who has decades on me would actually adopt a world view so callow and self-congratulating.

At this point, you can consider our relationship beyond special interest communities officially terminated. By all means, feel free to defriend me in return.


PS: And for everyone else - my rules are quite simple: 1) no conspiracy theories and 2) no wishing your opponents dead. Consider this defriending amnesty day if you cannot follow these guidelines.

Villains on Trial

This year at Dragon*Con, we are going to hold a trial for various villains of literary science fiction and fantasy. Fun, right? Unfortunately, I'm having trouble deciding which villains I should suggest to our fearless leader, vampry. Any ideas, peanut gallery?

I would say Satan figures (like Sauron, the White Witch, etc.) are out mainly because they're not meant to be ambiguous - and also because we would have a lot of trouble role-playing an unblinking eye. *g*

ETA: And just to clarify, we're looking for villains from books, as we are the literature programming track. *g* (The number of media suggestions makes me wish we could collaborate with the media track, though.)